3-0 Baby…



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Just hang on a bit… we’ll get it sorted out.

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  1. TannyBoy says:

    Holy Tits!

  2. Jimmy says:

    She looks vulnerable. I want to protect her and her open spaces.

  3. Jose Mesa says:

    In the NFL the some coaches get lost in overanalyzing the x’s and o’s and think they can improve on the wheel for their trippin on this abstract world they immerse their minds in.I think at this stage of the season its only about the O as in 3 and O.Dont touch the O just change the other digit.

  4. Home on the Phins says:

    What’s Up Niggas !? lol

    Home has the Saints w a 17 point victory

  5. Gersom says:

    I’m so happy for the pic. Sets my mind at ease (in a way). I have to say I’m cautiously optimistic of the team’s chances on Monday. I think the key will be the D-line.

  6. Chris says:

    TITS McGEE!!!!!

  7. El Mocoso says:

    It’s time for payback time in New Orleans. Bewbs…I mean Fins UP!

  8. Home on the Phins says:

    TanneHYPE is about to get his ass kicked

    Saints by 17 points

    ; )

  9. gersom says:


  10. Home on the Phins says:

    Home spot on

    posted Fins win against the Browns, Colts and Hotlanta

    and then the only blogger w the balls to post Saints will WIN by at leas 17 points and Tannehill will SUCK

    Try to follow the Fins, ……………. like Home

    and not to worry bietches
    Home has the Stank Fish beating the Patriots @ Sun Life

    So get to the game and
    Let’s Party, Man !

  11. Matt says:

    Joe Philbin is a gutless coward. Our offense sucks and yet on 4th and short, we punt it instead of going for it knowing we’ll never get another chance to score. As long as this organization is run by Ireland, we will always be 7-9.

  12. Gersom says:

    3-2 Baby???

  13. Ray Finkle says:

    At least the Pats got beat today as well and they looked much much worse. We didn’t lose any ground today but we didn’t gain any either. …Fuck the Jets

  14. Home on the Phins says:

    Miami has the Dolphins, … the 6-10 Do It again or 7-9 All the Time

    Go Fish !

  15. drew says:

    I can hear the fat lady singing for this blog…same two or three people here mumbling to themselves. Maybe I’ll rent a truck with an advertisement on the side and have it ride around the stadium about how irrelevant this site has become……hm…

  16. Home on the Phins says:

    U Keep Runnin 4 nother place

    to find that Savin Grace

    Dont cha Baby !

    I’m movin all alone

    over ground that no one owns

    past statues that atone 4 my sins

    😉 There’s a guard on every door
    and a drink on every floor

    over w a thousand amens

    It’s hard to say who u r these days
    but u run on any way

    don’t u baby ?!

    Aint It Cool


  17. Fin Lover says:

    who isssssss THAT!

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