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What Is Fins Nation?

Fins Nation is a blog about the Miami Dolphins, with dick jokes. We do commentary on what the Dolphins are doing on and off the field with some in-depth analysis and opinion. Whatever the hell that might mean. We also post the occasional boobies pic, just to pass the time. Also, we tend to use a shitload of profanity throughout our site. So if that kind of thing offends you, you should probably just look elsewhere for your Dolphins news. Also, you should just use the internet to watch this over and over again because you’re probably a middle-aged soccer mom. Or a fucking pussy.

Commenting Rules

We welcome comments here. We welcome all kinds of opinions. Just remember these simple rules-of-thumb when commenting:

1. Don’t be a douchebag.
2. Don’t be a troll (this means you, cocksucker Jets fan!)
3. Make an effort to be funny once in a while.
4. Try to be football savvy.
5. Hot girls who comment here get free shit.

See? Simple. Follow these 5 rules-of-thumb and we won’t have to take you into the backroom and have your hand smashed with a hammer like that dude who tried to cheat Robert De Niro in the movie Casino. Remember that scene? That was awesome.

Who Is The Dude?

Chris Joseph — aka THE DUDE — raised in the 305, worships at the alter of The Right Arm of God, drinks Scotch, kayaks, surfs, throws a helluva curve ball, believes in the small of a woman’s back, and thinks Louis CK is the greatest genius alive.

A full-time freelance writer, The Dude started FinsNation in 2006 because he loves the shit out of the Miami Dolphins. He lives and breathes this team. And when he’s not throwing things at the TV and dropping F-bombs because they continue to crush his soul every season, he’s day-dreaming of the day they hire him to run shit so he can turn these assholes into a Super Bowl contender already. But, instead, they keep opting for people like Cam Cameron. This annoys the shit out of The Dude to no end.

You can follow The Dude on Twitter. You can also read his daily musings on Miami sports over at the Miami New Times.

Who is DRK?

Born and raised in the County Dade, now based in NYC. DRK’s been a Dolphins fan since as long as he’s had semi-cognitive thought. He’s thrown several complete passes to real-life dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium. He believes in running the damn ball and controlling the line of scrimmage.

DRK believes in pussies and tits. He believes in the magic of WINNING FUCKIN’ ATTITUDES. This team occupies a good 39% of his everyday thoughts. You may call him Lt. Dickjoke, if you’re not into the whole DRK-brevity thing.

So now that we’ve gotten the introductions out of the way, sit back, relax and enjoy the crazy.

And … Let’s Go Fins!!

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