Another Year And The Dolphins Still Stink…

Maybe they are not that bad, but they are still 5-4 as of today. There is no chance of them catching the damn Patriots, even if they win out. The Patriots loss to the Seahawks last night just shows that the league likes the matchup. And guess what.. it’s probably going to be that matchup […] Read more »

Closing Time

As the news of Jeff Ireland and the Fins long-awaited divorce broke Tuesday night, and Dolphins Twitter was drenched in pure joy, two things dawned on Dat Roro Kid and I. 1.) Holy fuck! It finally fucking HAPPENED! 2.) Time to close shop on FN. Yep, after six years of writing, blogging, venting, dick joking, […] Read more »

Fire Jeff Ireland Banner Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

Too much embarassment.  Too much stupidity.  Too much humiliation. We’re gonna make our voices heard AGAIN.  Will it work this time?  Probably not.  But it will be funny to laugh at them all over again.  Fuck it! Click here for a link to the donation site and give what you can. Go Dolphins Read more »

Safety FTW!

What a way to win the game baby…. “Man, talk about a team win,” Wake said on the NFL Network’s postgame show. “We had a short week, [lost] the last couple games, it was really tough. Everybody had to dig down deep.” Read more »

Joe Philbin Addresses the Media

  Allow me to address some of the issues we’re having in a more realistic way that doesn’t involve me blowing billows of smoke up your asses: Tyson Clabo is a worthless piece of shit at RT and I’m going to do nothing about that.  He’s fine because I say so. Ryan Tannehill will continue […] Read more »

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