Beat the Patriots…

Can we get a win this week?

Fuck the Pats.

And Brady.

Now something we all can enjoy.


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All I want for Christmas is for us to just beat Belicheat and the Cheatriots this year. Watching the game with Cheatriots fan club in Richmond and would love to harass and ridicule them as I get drunk off my ass ! Glad to see you boys return , I missed you guys 🙂

way to step it up ,sign Michael Thomas, he will be a keeper,great all-round team effort, Finally beat Patriots been awhile since 2009 .

I feel bad now for some reason, not seeing any posts from Home.. I’m sorry for totally slamming your shit in the other post, Home. I was in one of those “I’m gonna anonymously rip someone in a comments section because I don’t have the balls to do that to anyone in real life and because I’m in a bad mood,” kind of moods that day. But seeing as this blog is all but dead, (really guys, even after we beat the fucking Pats you have NOTHING to post on the most victorious Victory Monday we’ve had in almost a decade?!) I actually feel bad that I might’ve pushed you away. So if I did, I apologize. Just stop writing SO MUCH when you post, keep it shorter and more concise, and with less of those words where you capitalize letters in it, like ANALysts and TanneFAIL. Those are annoying and it makes it hard to read. But regardless, sorry if I hurt your feelings or anything.

Ahhh, now there is the “unconditional love for all sentient beings” kind of attitude that I’ve come to expect from this site. Except for the Jets…fuck those guys.

Seriously, fuck those guys.

And how about Brady all pissed off at the end. Fuck yeah.

Go Phins.


I get it, the site has basically died. Whether it’s because you guys got busy with other shit or because the team has sucked for too long that you’re just done… I get it. That’s fine. But listen, can’t you guys suck it up and spend a few minutes coming up with one last awesome Victory Week type of post? Not only has our team not had a win like that (against the Pats) in fucking years, but it’s all-too-possible that we lose against the Bills or Jets, and therefore go right back down to feeling angry and pissed. So especially because you guys are essentially done with this site anyway, why not celebrate our ONE fucking reason to truly celebrate in god knows how fucking long with one last awesome post?

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In a world of human wreckage, . . .

and Black Racism like that spewed from “The Braided Coconut” on the SS

Your Darn Right
Home is gonna enjoy his KKKuechly 22 yr old NFL’s White Superman of Defense

Home is proud supporter of the White Race and generously supports The United Caucasian College Fund

… Most would think that’s a good thing, unless of course your a racist !


I am officially ashamed to be a Dolphin fan. This team staff and front office are not close and I don’t want to ever hear that they are only a few pieces away. Nothing could be further frim the truth.

Dolphins season over…Let the preparations to draft an offensive lineman who will never score a touchdown COMMENCE!!!!!

People need to boycott the writer at phinatics, Paul L. Picken Jr. Did anyone see the letter he wrote to Ross about keeping Ireland??? People like this are the reason he is still around. People need to get him out and stop reading his articles.

People need to spread the word not to read Paul L. Picken Jr blog anymore because he supports Jeff Ireland!

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