Brent Grimes Gets a Gift Basket


It’s nothing compared to the COCKCAKES he usually gets, but we here at FinsNation felt it was apropos to send along this wonderful gift basket to Brent Grimes.  Yes, he gave up a long pass to TY Hilton early in the game but his balls-as-fuuuuuck interception of Luck’s deep pass near the end of the game was a pajama jammy jam!  Worth mentioning as well:  Reggie Wayne caught a few balls but none of them were for any very big plays.




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  1. Tom-Ass says:

    Brent Grimes is everything Sean Smith thinks he is.

    Now, let’s see him feast on his former team for not re-signing him.


  2. El Mocoso says:

    Well deserved….slow golf clap. He is balls deep as a DB, pure talent. CockCakes and all.

  3. Home on the Phins says:

    Sean Smith sucked wind since his incipient stage of development @ Training Camp his rookie year
    Everyone routinely beat Sean Smith in practice every F’N Day
    Yet the media, esp Omar Kelly who for sure was in some kinda sick love for the Goofy Shuckin n Jivin Poser Boy Fraud CB
    would only report the one or two plays that Nigga was suppose to make


    Brent Grimes for the money ( 5.5 Million) was the best off season acquisition the Miami Dolphins made
    Need to sign him up long term immediately

    Funny thing is Grimes, who was the 3rd best rated NFL CB prior to his injury is a head (or large cock cake)
    smaller than the goofy hands of stone always toasted an out of position turned around backwards ass clown Sean Smith

    • El Mocoso says:

      And guess how much Sean Smith it making a year in KC? Something like 12 million. Ain’t that a bitch?

      • Home on the Phins says:

        Um, .. ah, .. actually Sean Smith was signed by KC at 3 yrs for 18 or 6 MILLION a year
        guaranteed 11 million in the contract

        regardless he flat out sucked when he was w us and himself and our secondary was ranked very low
        Smith himself two years ago was ranked, wait for it, . wait for it, … 105 th of all NFL CBs

        105 F’KN ranked yet we had to locally listen to that punky jive ass ghetto trash poser boy POS
        mug for the camera hound as if he had Deon Sanders skills

        Nigga PLEASE !


        Home OUT !

        • El Mocoso says:

          So what you are saying is that KC is overpaying Sean Smith by like $5.5 million a year so that he can puff out his chest every time the receiver he is covering misses an overthrown ball. He is probably the worst open field tackler in the game. Anyhow, he is not on our team any longer and is KC’s problem now.

          On to the ATL where I hope we can make Lil John cry himself to a YEAHYAAHH!!!

  4. Home on the Phins says:

    So any dif between a reach at 5.9 CB and a 6.3 CB

    smaller CB is prob more agile and athletic and not as easily turned around at the hips

    If u need to cover a 6.5 or better receiver than find a CB or LB that can actually cover and is a few inches taller

    Nuf Said

    Met CB Grimes and took a dozen photos of him waving at the camera after a welcome shout out from Home
    was soooooooooo pleased Sean Smith is gone!

    Now look how IMMEDIATELY our INTs and defensive secondary have improved

    Thank u Jeff Ireland 😉

  5. Hurriphin says:

    I can’t believe that push hasn’t earned Jordan a Nation Nickname yet…

    I’ll assume someone is working on this??

  6. Home on the Phins says:

    Jordan has shown already he can get in the backfield quickly so far ……….
    1 push tackle for a miss and a big 1st down gain by Luck and 1 face mask tackle for a 15 YD flagrant personal foul

    …. Now we need to teach Jordan how to hit and WRAP UP !

  7. charlie says:

    god bless cock cakes

  8. Jimmy says:

    Grimes is awesome, I agree. But how many times, in the first half especially, was Luck throwing to wide open receivers and tight ends. Our cover guys were routinely giving an 8 yard cushion. I guess it was the old bend but don’t break, but that bend was fucking breaking into TDs.

    It was an ugly game at times, but the execution had improved from week 1. So, if Fins keep improving, this could be an exciting year to watch.

  9. Home on the Phins says:

    If the fish beat Hotlanta, we will be the talk of the NFL

    like Home said, ………………………….

    ………………………………………………………………………….. IF

    have a HAARPy day and Go Phins !

  10. Home on the Phins says:

    Just in
    Home heard
    That the filling inside the Brent Grimes cake was actually a combination of Dolphin & Whale Sperm

    Cheerleader Feasted !

    What will they think of next ?!

  11. Home on the Phins says:

    Home believes the Dolphins will LOSE to Hotlanta but
    the Homer in Home will hope/take the Dolphins by 10 points

    Go Dolphins !

  12. HunztheMighty says:

    Anyone know how Jake long has been playing in St. Louis?

    I hope Grimes plays like a badger on bone against Atlanta, he is one guy who should know what Matt Ryan is going to do. I dont think we win this game but lets hope the team has a good showing. If we do win holy moly it means we are a legitamit contender.
    I still think we win the division due to the suckage of the Jests Pats and to a lesser extent Bills.

  13. Home on the Phins says:

    Starting em all again this week in FF
    TanneHope, Wallace, Hartline and Sturgis

    Expecting a big game from Brian Hartline against Hotlanta

    The Dolphins have relevance and swag, …. once again 🙂

  14. Gersom says:

    3-0??? WHOA!!!!

  15. Gersom says:

    Uh…Victory Monday???

  16. Hurriphin says:

    In the midst of all the 3-0’ey-ness…I’d like to see Caleb Sturgis’ leg get a gift basket.

    Not even his whole body…just his leg…

    We all loved DC, but Sturgis makes him look like post-war Lt. Dan.

    Kid’s foot potentially could be just as clutch as The ROAG’s arm has ever been.

  17. Still on our way to 19-0. Yeah, I’ll be humble when it comes to pass…as if the living incarnation of the Buddha wouldn’t be humble.


  18. Miami Dolphins Camp Vet Home says:

    Suck A Bag Of Dicks!

    Miami Dolphins 3-0

    Hoo rah

    p.s Hurriphin,
    funny ref to LT. Dan


  19. Tom-Ass says:

    Attention all — just get on Twitter and follow us and you will no longer need to suffer through in-season doldrums.

    • Jimmy says:

      Yes, the writing gigs and twitter slowed down traffic here, but DRK and The Dude are still very active on Twitter and each write astounding cockcake tasty articles for their respective rags. So there is always that.

  20. I Make The Maps says:

    Ehhh… Twitter is okay and all, but all I want is a Victory Monday with titties after securing 3-0. Is that too much to ask? Is it ever too much to ask for victory titties?

  21. frank says:

    If you guys are so busy, I’m sure one if the readers would be willing to post on your behalf, even if it’s just a pic of nice boobs for Victory Monday. Perhaps asking for some help to keep this site relevant wouldn’t be a bad idea? I read your guys’ other stuff when I can so keep it up.

    Go Dolphins!

  22. Zgonina says:

    What everyone has to understand, is that these guys spent the last year or so bashing THEIR OWN team to a degree that went well beyond simply being a “frustrated fanbase.” You know when you have a fight with a girlfriend or something, and you end up saying the kind of shit that crosses the line? Like that unforgivable type of mean-shit, where weeks later you regret it, so you try to apologize, but she ain’t having it? Yeah, that’s where they went with the bashing of their own fucking team. And now they don’t know what to say, because they can’t just come out and celebrate with the rest of us after the type of shit they said. You can’t tell your girlfriend she’s ugly and fat, then expect her to forgive you as soon as she starts losing weight.

    So I don’t blame them for “disappearing.” I would too, believe me. I tried to warn them they’d feel stupid and embarrassed for the kind of shit they were talking if we came out winning this season, but they all vehemently defended their vitriol, telling me that I was somehow a “zombie” for continuing to have HOPE for my team. But the thing is, I will always continue to have hope for them, even when they fail me year after year, I’ll still think, “well, maybe this year it’ll turn around.” Why? Because they’re MY team. I’m not going shit all over the team I’ve loved and obsessed over since I was a kid, no matter how much I disagree with how they conduct business. At the end of the day, I love the Dolphins. Period. And you don’t shit on the ones you love.

  23. Zgonina says:

    Yeeeah… remember all that stuff I said back there? Ya know, bein’ all defensive of our Dolphins? Well, never-fucking-mind. FUCK these stupid fucks. Sure, you could argue the referees hand a major hand in making sure we didn’t accidentally win that game yesterday against the Pats… But the play calling was bullshit, and I’m done. Therefore, I’m now fully supportive of calling Hartline and our GM really mean names.

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