Brent Grimes Likes His Birthday Cakes

brent grimes

Fins cornerback Brent Grimes had himself a surprise 30th birthday this past Friday thrown by his wife and buddies.

And what kind of theme birthday cake do you get a man who is turning the big Three Oh?

Why the kind with a lady sucking a dick on it, of course!

Turns out, Grimes’ cake was quite a mouthful (ha! ha!) (sorry), and his wife Miko did what all good wives do — she Instagrammed the cake!

However, we put on our reporter hat on and did some digging (i.e. we Googled shit) and found out that Grimes’ 29th birthday cake was even more titillating than his 30th birthday cake. It even had a little bit of ┬ávanilla added to it.

Best part of this story?

This is literally how I found out the Dolphins had Brent Grimes now.

Click here to see Brent’s 30th birthday cake

Click here to see Brent’s 29th birthday cake

Warning: Both links are EXTREMELY NSFW (also, probably extremely delicious)

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Holy. Shit.

Nothin’ says “Baller” more than your wife being OK with that kind of cake.

I think we should all pitch in and get him a Rex Ryan themed cake! Maybe sticking his foot up Ryan’s ass. You know how much he likes feet!

Will post Home pics soon @ Miami Dolphins Camp
Perhaps Friday after Camp
Should have hundreds to choose from by then

Love the Hartline cat pic
lol @ last years Chimpmunk WR

Be Cool … The ChipMunk has always been outstanding, in camp Hartline comes down w EVERYTHING and has been consistently catching EVERYTHING since his rookie yr

Can remember when he was a rook and came to the fence 1st three days in a row and talked w him
Hartline looked like Alfred E. Newman as a rook
Thought, man this kid is reallt gonna suck!
He has grown up a lot already & very good WR and also used to excel in ST

I got a sweater for my birthday.

Looking forward to the Home photos. I picture something largely out of focus with chemtrails in the background.

I imagine some face paint and a far too close up of some dolphins 3rd stringer for the home photos……. but weirdly I still have a yearly anticipation to see them,. What the fuck is wrong with me that I want to see the ‘Home’ photos of camp??

Is the $8 Million a year for the Chipmunk still on? Please don’t tell me no one jumped out of a deep throat cake screaming “April Fools!”.


Home pic of ur Fav new playa lookin @ Home during practice today

CB Grimes

Sunday 7-28

Home shouts out to Grimes today
In a not so shy voice
” Hey Grimes how bout a picture for the blog?”

3rd Best CB in the NFL prior to injury and now fully recovered gives Home a courtesy wave back and a smile

Believe this CB may statistically be better than ANY other Miami Dolphin CB despite coming back after a serious injury
Previous Hotlanta Falcons CB Griimes may be the best FA signing by Jeff Ireland, esp for the $

Ireland has done a 100% turnaround in Free Agency and Home believes
Ireland has hit a Grand Slam in the 2013 FA

Quick post MF 13

Have a whole series of Grimes today acknowledging us w thumbs up and striking a pose for us on the bog when asked.

Also have some great pics of WR McNutt, NT Phat Paul, WR Hartline, Den, Fields, Carp and Florida RB Gill
all signing Home’s team flag and football caps

pic links expired as waiting for approval here

will try again later

some links @ the Palm Beach Post Daily Dolphin blog

Home met Mavin McNutt y-day who had the best day at WR for those fighting for a spot on the 53
Got great pics and autographs of WR McNutt, NT Phat Paul, CB Grimes and of course the Chipmunk Sunday @ Miami Dolphins Training Camp

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