Dolphins To Pursue The Other Manning, According to Reports That Will Make Everyone Unreasonably Optimistic PeytonManningcomm

Well, this is something.

According to PFT (via Barry Jackson), if Peyton Manning becomes available this offseason, the Dolphins will go strong to the hoop to get him.

Supposedly, Goose Neck is Plan A for the Dolphins, which also apparently includes going after Matt Flynn, or possibly trading up to nab Robert Griffin Number Three or even Andrew Luck.

I’m calling bullshit on all of this. Mainly because the Honey Badger GM doesn’t have the balls to move up the draft to get one of those guys because we need those precious draft picks that it would cost us so we can draft moar Jared Odricks and Koa Misis.

I’d venture to say these sources are made up, or are just two dudes trying to light a fire under everyone’s asses in the front office. In which case I’d say well played, good sirs.

However, the thought of Goose Neck in a Dolphins uniform is certainly intriguing in a THAT GUY WOULD BE FUCKING AWESOME IF ONLY HIS NECK VERTEBRAE WEREN’T SUDDENLY MADE OF PEANUT BRITTLE sort of way.

But I will say that Manning as a Dolphin would be the tits. Sure he might be one vicious hit away from being Stephen Hawking, but fuck it… why the shit not? If he can play, and if he comes here, holy shitcocks that would be pretty fantastic.

And just the mere fact that there are reports that the Fins will be aggressive in getting a francise QB is enough to make us want to fly a banner that reads ALL IS FORGIVEN, YOU GINGER SHIT! over Sun Life stadium.

Until then, however, he can fuck himself with a hammer.

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Just hang on a bit… we’ll get it sorted out.

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