Ellerbe Puts Balls On Table, Points At Them


New LB Dannell Ellerbe (seen here wearing the very latest in Orlando Thunder gameday apparel) said he was brought to Miami to topple the Patriots – a team you might remember as have penistically violated the entire AFC East for, oh, 13 fucking seasons now.  In his comments, at least Ellerbe showed the slightest humility and restraint during a period of time (the offseason) that is usually reserved for unabridged panache and highfalutin braggadicio.  KUDOS ON THAT.

Unfortunately, the Patriots still have Tom Fucking Brady, Douchebag Esq. III and I seem to remember that guy still scoring touchdowns when his team consisted of Kevin Faulk and 6 amputees on work release.

So, yea, we’ll see!  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, DOLDRUMS!

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  1. LoRyder says:

    Ah yes.. the beloved DOLDRUMZZZZZzzzZZZzzz….

  2. David says:

    It’s like even after we get rid of Dansby the dolphins create one in his absence

  3. TannyBoy says:

    Without his security blanket Welker, I think old bright smile will have to hold the ball longer…. and hopefully we have the guys that can put him on his ass 3-4 times a game. At least lay some hits on him.

    Also I like it when our linebackers talk a little bit of shit.

  4. Tom-Ass says:

    Bryan “Two Birds” Cox approves of said smack talk.

    Fuck the Pasties!

  5. Summer Home says:

    Patriots have had dominance for a decade in our division
    but now the Fins seem to have the younger, better, more talented team
    Time will tell
    Home thinks Vegas is wrong on this one and after a tough start the Fins will start to dominate after the bye week
    Going to be an exciting year
    Go Phins !

  6. Summer Home says:

    Bringing in proven savoy vets from SB winning & excellent NFL teams like Ellerbe & Wallace provides the Fins w much needed confidence and leadership
    Ireland has finally done an outstanding job w the new 2013 FA Trifecta – Ellerbe, Wallace & Grimes

  7. Penelope says:








  8. Jimmy says:

    Can we call him Killer Ellerbee? I think he was just buzzing off. Offseason is time to get with the honeys or run with the bulls, or climb your fat ass up a fence about 10 minutes before a bull even appears you are a savoy vet.

    • Tom-Ass says:

      Let me count the +1s for your comment:
      -Killer EllerBEE (1984 Dolphins D approves)
      -Buzzing off reference
      -Honey reference
      -Running with the bulls reference (fuck the jets)
      -Savoy reference (Summer Home approves)

  9. Tom-Ass says:

    Ever wonder what “savoy” vets drive? Well, wonder no more…


  10. HunztheMighty says:


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