Weekender: Brooklyn’d!

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes, Nation! Here, on twitter and on facebook as well. Jesus I can’t get away from you people. In gratitude, I give you Brooklyn Decker’s 2011 SI swimsuit photos as your Weekender girl. (See all her SI pics here) Also, I figured you’d had enough of staring at my […] Read more »

Tom Brady: SSSSTILL A Douche

This video surfaced last week of Super Douche Tom Brady dancing away like a little fairy boy at Carnaval. CLEARLY, someone is ignoring the cardinal sin Man Rule of never passing the ‘Fag Asymptote’ with your arms (i.e. don’t go above your chest with your arms whilst dancing). So enjoy Tom ‘Carnaval’ Brady as he […] Read more »

Weekender: Boob-o’-tronix Edition

/ loooong whistle Oh boy, it’s been a while. These Doldrums are even more doldrum-y than any Doldrums before. I reckon these are the Super/Mega/Ultra Mega Ok/Superuknown Doldrums – with the CBA talks and the endless negotiating charade between millionaires and billionaires (‘Why, yes, I have tons of money but I WANT EVEN MORE MONEY, […] Read more »