FN Draft Talk: Getting Yelled At By Douchey McDipshit

FN star commenter and draft guru extraordinaire CK Parrot finally got to shoot his load on national television on NFL Network last week. Boy, that was worded poorly. Anyway, CK (aka BEER HOLSTERS!) got himself all cleaned up and appeared on NFL Network to talk up The Wangsta. Then that chippy little vaginus Paul Burmeister […] Read more »

Weekender: Good (T*ts) Friday

Well, a slightly more eventful week around these parts what with our draft breakdowns commencing and continuing on through next week (yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo…Ry-Mizzy in da hizzy) and the release of that nail-encrusted baseball bat of a schedule lodged firmly in our rectum. Good stuff, NFL! Would it kill you to just have a weekend off where […] Read more »