Keys To The Game: Dolphins @ Cowboys

So, I actually want to get drunk and watch us win tomorrow. Sorry, but I fucking hate the Cowboys. Besides the Jets game at the end of the year, I’m fine with us losing every remaining game but I fucking really hate the Cowboys, their dipshit QB, their dipshit Head Coach, the Ryan brother that […] Read more »

Mmmmm…. Mediocrity

A three game winning streak. Well shit. I guess the worst part of all this is the stupid happy looks on the Nazi Dolphins Fans’ faces today. “WE JUST BEAT A REELING, INJURY-RIDDLED TEAM AND ARE NOW ONLY SIX STRAIGHT WINS FROM POSSIBLY MAKING THE PLAYOFFS! MATT MOORE IS THE TRUE HEIR TO DAN MARINO! […] Read more »

The Matt Moore Late Bloomery Pants Party!

Gotta admit. The only parts of the Dolphins game I watched was whenever they would appear on the Red Zone channel. And since we pretty much suck old lady ass in every aspect of football, I didn’t expect to see us there all that much. But then the DOLPHINS REDSKINS UPDATE!! thing flashed on my […] Read more »