Weekender: Dark Hair, Blue Eyes = Bonertown USA

In keeping with The Dude’s Friday night, pre-date post from last week (which went very well, thank you very much!!!) I figured it was my turn to put up my own Friday night date doppelganger for your viewing pleasure. May thin girls with big boobs, dark hair and piercing blue eyes live on forever until […] Read more »

Weekender: Fraulein McBoobies!

I’M ALIVE! Sorry about the lack of posts from me here at FN, Nation. The man has me shackled with his “rules” and “responsibilities” and “bills” and “feed your kids” and shit. I’ve been swamped. But I’m here to kick off my 2011 Weekender in style. So you can unclench your sphincters now. Point being, […] Read more »

Time to Change the Scenery

Sorry. Got very tired, very quickly of having the Steelers fan occupying the lead space on this here titty blog. So I figured we might as well put up some of the best gat-dang tits currently alive. Just goes to show you that no matter how infuriatingly annoying and mind-numbing a person can be, if […] Read more »

So, uhhh, like…what’s up…?

I shudder to think how deeply esconsed in the ‘D’ word we are right now. Senior Bowl was last week and that was ‘aight’, I guess. We can sit here and wonder for months and months whether Kaepernininiininick is worth dropping down in the first round and taking a chance on some lanky dude with […] Read more »


If you haven’t seen it, there’s some tasty video up on the Sentinel site (as well as other places) of lame duck GM Jeff Ireland speaking to a few reporters after Senior Bowl practices.  Generally, the questions veered towards the offensive side of the ball and Ireland did his best pursed-lips, “I seriously fucking hate […] Read more »

The Miami Dolphins Kool-Aid Acid Test

Look, shit has been rather bleak around here lately – so in an effort to lighten things up – I asked star commenter Greg from Delray to tell us about the time he took LSD and went to a Dolphins game.  I remember him mentioning this on Twitter some time ago and I thought it might […] Read more »