Time To Have Your Voices Heard, People #Fireland

Okay, this is this year’s banner, folks. FinsNation is fully endorsing star commenter Tom Ass’ venture to annoy the shit out of Jeff Ireland and do the best we can – given the fact we’re basically powerless against this asshole – to make our voices heard. We urge you to check out the site for […] Read more »

Hey, Look At That! ANOTHER Losing Season

Frankly, there’s not a ton of new things to say about this team lately and the situation is fucking depressing. We are in a ‘Groundhog’s Day’ of elephant shit when it comes to this team and it’s always the fucking same. It’s incredibly tiresome and tremendously BORING, above all else. I noticed there was a […] Read more »

The New York Jets Are GARBAGE!

Deadspin posted this video just a bit ago and, yea, they totally are garbage, you guys!! We are 1000% in agreement!!! Aww man, now I’m wishing I would have gone to this game just to witness this. Can you imagine what an awesome Thanksgiving that would have been? I would have literally shit my pants […] Read more »

Happy Titsgiving!

This is Amanda Cerny.  She figured you had just about enough of ole’ Crazy Sicko Philbin scaring the bejesus outta you guys. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone.  And maybe – just maybe – if we all pray really, really hard tomorrow, Jeff Ireland will self-combust into a fireball of assholedom.  Then we’d truly have something […] Read more »

Dolphins – Titans Recapsssssssssss!

Sorry we been dogging it around here lately given our day jobs, new writing gigs and everything else but we promise we’ll be back soon with more giddy, dick-jokey goodness. Honestly, without getting into too much personal shit, we’ve got a lot of crap going on and have been since the summer and we hate […] Read more »

Dolphins @ Colts Open Thread / New #WAARF Video Premiere

Our boy Ryan Tannehill (or if you’re Omar Kelly, you make up some stupid nickname that doesn’t make sense just for the fuck of it) is expected to start today so the team at #WAARF cooked up this little ditty for #TheReturn. An actually marginally positive Dolphins parody vid??? The time’s they are a-changin’… Go […] Read more »

Keys to the Game: Dolphins @ Jets

Read The Dude and I’s previews here and here. Also, please vote for us in New Times’ Wed Awards here.  The Dude said he’ll get each voter a bottle of Grey Goose and a VIP section at <insert cool South Beach club of the moment here> if you do so!!! Fuck the Jets. Read more »