The Return of the Weekender

And here we are again as we sit around, head resting on our palms and awaiting the most ‘meh’ news ever that The Hefffffff will be our next head coach (*sexy sax music, snorts coke off MILF’s cleavage*).  Yawwwwwwn. We’ve been focusing on a lot of excellent boobs for some time now but that’s unfair […] Read more »

Chip? Chip!

A television station in Eugene, Oregon reported last night that the Dolphins have reached out to the agent of Oregon Duck’s head coach Chip Kelly. If the Dolphins can’t land Fisher and want a coach with buzz, Kelly is by far the best option. Since Kelly came to Oregon as offensive coordinator in 2007, the […] Read more »

ZOMG! A Helicoptoro!!!

Ah, what new absurdities await us with each morning in Dolphins Land… Last night, Jason La Canfora reported that your Miami Dolphins – heretofore known as ‘AIRWOLF’ – are conducting, not one, but TWOOOO simultaneous coaching searches as if we didn’t have leaks and the internet and people wouldn’t find out about this stuff and […] Read more »

FinsNation Thanks You!

We promise this will be the last ‘GingerJihad Banner’-related post. God forbid we’d be viewed as creating some complex self-promotional stunt featuring an airplane banner that doesn’t have our site mentioned anywhere on it whatsoever by a couple of OLD, USELESS, ANNOYING-AS-ALL-FUCK-THAT-I-DIDN’T-EVEN-THINK-THEY-WERE-FUNNY-WHEN-I-WOULD-HEAR-THEM-ON-MY-WAY-TO-HIGH-SCHOOL MORNING ZOO types. As promised, here’s our ‘thank you’ to everyone that contributed. […] Read more »

Your Fire Jeff Ireland Airplane Banner Roundup

This video made by Kevin Mayer of fans reacting to our banner is pretty fantastic. Especially the old dude at :47 who says he donated to the cause. Faded Marino Jersey Guy at 1:44 deserves his own talk show where he aimlessly rambles on about how we didn’t draft that Pittsburgh quarterback Rossenberger while he […] Read more »

Dolphins vs. Jets Open Thread

Operation Fire That Ginger Honeybadger GM Fuck Airplane Banner was a go this morning. And it was glorious! Thank you all for sending in pictures. Please keep em coming. Video too if you have it. And any stories you might have as well. As for the game, I’m really finding it hard not to root […] Read more »