Yup, Jeff Ireland Was Aware of the Airplane Banner

Honey Badger GM Jeff Ireland was interviewed at the NFL combine yesterday, and confirmed in the off-hand, douchey way that only he could, that he is indeed aware of the banner we flew over Sun Life Stadium asking Stephen Ross to fire his shitty gingery ass. Ireland was asked if he’s heard of the local […] Read more »

‘Manning to Miami’ Billboard Must Give Bokamper A Big : (

Oh, look at these upstarts!!! Apparently this website has sponsored the above billboard hovering around the junction where I-95 meets I-595 (where cops lurk SPECIFICALLY to pull over Omar Kelly!!) in an effort to say ‘Hi, World!  We’re Miami Dolphins fans and we are so fucking scarred and desperate for a QB of note that […] Read more »

Weekender: The Best D*ckjokes From Today’s Chat

We’d like to once again thank Big O for stopping by and chatting with us numbskulls for an hour today. We apologize if you submitted a question and it didn’t get through. We were learning on the fly with that chat board thing, so it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Plus, we only had an hour […] Read more »

Site News: FinsNation Football & Football Related Things Chat

The Super Bowl is a couple of weeks behind us, free agency doesn’t start for another few weeks and the Draft is a good two months away. Yep. It’s the doldrums. And it blows ass. But, not to worry, Nation. Because we here at FN are nothing if not accomodating to your needs. So, what […] Read more »

The Doldrums Are Here But Kate Upton Will Try To Help Ya, Feller

(tumbleweed scurries across the dirt road of FinsNation town’s Main Street as The Dude and DRK sit on a stoop and wipe the sweat off their brow, pull at some ‘Rebel Yell’ whisky whiskey) This here’s The Doldrums, boys and girls. Maybe some of y’all never heard of it what with all them coordinators and […] Read more »