Koa Misi Got Arrested, Bro

Dolphins ‘linebacker’ Koa Misi was arrested by Broward County’s Sheriff’s office and charged with felony battery stemming from an altercation in California.  Judging by the discerning, calculating look on his face, ole’ Poindexter up there was probably going over some complex equations with another biophyscis Ph.D. student when perhaps their discourse became a tad too spirited!!  […] Read more »

Stephen Ross Had A Press Conference

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and GM Jeff Ireland had an impromptu press conference with the local media today, and guessing from the media’s reaction to the announcement of it last week, we were supposed to get some definitive answers about what the fuck is going on in Davie. “I want to be in the playoffs […] Read more »

Weekender: Non-Kate Upton Edition

My girlfriend complains that all we ever do is put Kate Upton on here for the Weekender. So, in lieu of her concerns, I’m putting up this random chick with great boobs model Rosie Jones. After the week/month/years/generation we’ve had, I’d say we all deserve a little Random Anonymous Model Chick With Great Boobs Rosie […] Read more »

Friday Link Dump!

Forgot to mention this yesterday, but The Phinsider interviewed me. Go here to read me shitting all over Ireland, pointing out why I think he’s an awful GM, and explaining how I think dickjokes and references to poop are considered intelligent comedy! Surprisingly enough, I never once use the word FUCK in the entire interview. […] Read more »

Here’s Your Letter

So I was listening to the Dan Le Batard show yesterday when Dan read a letter from a listener about Jeff Ireland. And I as I heard it read, I was like, “Daaaamn” and “Oh shit” and “What?” and “Mmmhmm.” So what would possess me to instantly turn into a black lady at a beauty […] Read more »

Jeff Ireland Is A Dipshit

Jeff Ireland is a dipshit. If there’s any solace to this complete, unabashed, projectile vomit of a pathetic offseason for your Miami Dolphins, it’s that the entire football-watching nation has come to that realization. This is no shocking revelation. Not to us. While everyone is clamoring to start protests in Davie and replace their twitter […] Read more »

Sorry For The Radio Silence…

…but The Dude and I were actually trying to enjoy our bromance weekend together in New York City without Jeff Ireland, Stephen Ross and the Dolphins completely ruining it for us.  Of course, that didn’t work and yesterday featured a number of dumbfounded, pensive stares into the distance while soaking up the Spring sun on […] Read more »

Of Course, Brandon Marshall Punched a Woman in the Face

You just knew there had to be more to it.  Or at least you very much hoped this team’s front office wasn’t nearly as incompetent as it’s shown itself to be time and time again. Late last night, word began to leak out that just-traded former Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall had been involved in an […] Read more »

Dolphins Fill Gaping Holes In Offense by Re-Signing Paul Soliai

After a day and a half of free agency, the Dolphins have finally made a move by re-signing nose tackle Paul Soliai. POKER GENIUSES! The Miami Dolphins have landed their first big free agent of the 2012 signing period, and that player happens to be a member of last year’s team.Nose tackle Paul Soliai has […] Read more »

So, Free Agency Is Off To A Rip Roarin’ Start

Free agency started at 4 o’clock EST on Tuesday. And so far, the Dolphins traded their best reciever which they got two years ago for a couple of second round picks to the Chicago Bears for a couple of third round picks. And they’re scheduled to meet with free agent right tackle Eric Winston. Also, […] Read more »