FinsNation Draft Predictions: Part One

It’s a sad day in Dolphins land with yesterday’s passing of Jim Mandich. The Mad Dog will be dearly missed (can’t tell you how often his show made me crack up while listening to him on drives from school to work in da MIA) but the show must go on. I’ve got a crazy next […] Read more »

Holy Shit We Drafted A Quarterback

After all the speculation, guessing, mock drafting and wondering how badly the dipshits in the front office were going to royally fuck up the draft, we finally drafted ourselves a quarterback in the first round. And he’s a pre-med student! Woo-hoo book learnin’! To no one’s shock, the Dolphins took Ryan Tannehill with the 8th […] Read more »

Your NFL Draft Open Thread

Vent away, Nation. There are early reports that the Fins are looking to trade out of the eight spot, and have already spoken to several teams about it. Will they trade out? And if so, who do they take then? Worry not. The Honey Badger GM is on the case. It’s all part of God’s […] Read more »

FinsNation 2012 First Round Predictions

What the Dolphins will do: Somehow fuck it up. We barely even care anymore and that is so fucking sad, Nation. The Dude and I were driving around Miami last week listening to Ginger Fuckface on Lebatard and, jeez louise, that guy is a FUCKING ASSHOLE. What a smug prick!! Ireland: ‘I believe in my […] Read more »

The Road To Yet Another 7-9 Season Is Officially HERE!

Here’s the offical 2012 regular season schedule for your Miami Dolphins. Things of note: No Monday Night games, No Sunday Night Games (unless we’re suddenly magically good towards the end of the season and one of those games gets flexed), and one Thursday Night game which is a bummer because Thursday Night games eat ass. […] Read more »


Jimmy was right in the last post’s comments: enough with Ireland. So here’s Hope Dworaczyzyzyzyyykkzzzz’s ass. We are thick in the Doldrums, people. And the only thing worse than The Doldrums is being stuck in the Doldrums with a no-hope, shitty team run by a bunch of fucking monkeys throwing shit everywhere. So, yea, ass. […] Read more »

Let’s Remember Who The REAL Enemy Is

While all this hullabaloo over Guillen’s comments re: Castro are fun and all, let us not forget who the REAL enemy of our state is. HE WAS A KICKER SO HE FELT A LOT OF PRESSURE ALL THE TIME AND THIS MAKES HIM A ‘GREAT TALENT EVALUATOR’ SO HEY! Read more »

Dolphins Uniforms Got Nike’d

Now we’ll be able to watch the Dolphins go 9-7 in their nifty new space age glow in the dark Nike unis! Nike unveiled new uniforms today for all 32 teams. And while the NFL didn’t get the Oregon treatment, and no team has mirrors for helmets, they are a sleek modern take on traditional […] Read more »