Camp Odds and Ends

Hey Nation! A few links here culled together to pique your interest as camp continues to heat up: –  There’s been quite a bit of talk about the Dolphins new ‘up-tempo’ style of practices where several units are going at each other at the same time in an effort to get more reps in and […] Read more »

…And We’re Back!!

Taps microphone… Hello? Testing…testes…other jokes from 25 years ago…is this thing still working? HEY GUYS…SOOOOO, LIKE, WHAT’S UP??!?! How was your summer? Tell us all about it!!! Mine’s been really shitty and morbid and gloomy and sunny all at the same time in a delicious array of fuckedupness!!! But, hey, that’s just life. And life […] Read more »