Something Better to Look At

Armando Vroomzz nearly gave me cataracts.  So here’s Leanna Decker. The Dude will be along later with a pre-game post. THERE’S FOOTBALL TODAY!!!!1!!1!ONE! (one more after the jump) Read more »


Oh hai Miami Dolphins 2012 season. Hi. Hello. How are you. You’re finally fucking here, and I’m a mess. For some reason, this has felt like the longest off-season ever. Or is it just me? Either way, WELCOME BACK! Alright, Nation… It’s time to get irrationally stupid excited about our new-look football team (until the […] Read more »

Have a Great Lunch, Guys!!!

Heyyyy guuuuysss, it’s me!  Armando Vrooomz! Just another day living the life out here in the Magic City!  Heading off to Subrageous to grab me some grub! Ok, guys!  Gotta roll!  Take it sleazy!!! / VROOOOM Read more »

‘Hard Knocks’ Episode 1 Recap

Yes, I know my photo sucks but I was in a rush and I wanted to use this boob-bouncing chick from the show.  SUE ME.  On to the recap: Chad Johnson – whether or not this translates to the field – is a fucking STAR.  He’s so deeply involved in character at this point that […] Read more »

“Hard Knocks” Begins Tonight!

Oooooh chit, meng.  It begins tonight! / Hype Williams-style shot of players galivanting and having a baller-ass time // Stock shots of beaches, babes, bikinis, nightlife, partiez /// Sweating O-Lineman dousing their faces in refreshing fluids //// Receivers dropping balls left and right ///// Chad Johnson’s black cock It’s here!  Time to find out what […] Read more »

The Puppet Feels Frustration??

Total fuckin’ non-story because who gives Jimminy Cricket’s dick what he thinks, but I can’t pass up the chance to puppetize The Puppet.  Sowwy. Hard Knocks tonight at 10!  Recap tomorrow morning! Real live puppets flapping about on a football field!  WWWWHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Read more »

FinsNation 2012 Fantasy Football Palooza (Updated)

It’s that time of year again! YES. Time to sign up and join our annual fantasy football league. The league champion gets nothing except the respect of his peers (FUCK YOU, IT’S FREE), although we’ll look the other way if the last two teams standing decide to place a wager on the title game. But […] Read more »