A Reminder for Jets Week

Fuck you zombie dickfaces right in your cum-starved mouths. Go Dolphins Did you mention Mephistopholes jizzzz??!?!?!  WHY YES I’D LOVE SOME. Read more »

Recaps? WE GOT EM!

Recaps? WE GOT EM! This is Francoise Boufhal. She seems nice. Recaps from us here and here. Thank God for penalties and kickers with names that rhyme with Fräulein. Please comment and shit. It helps feed our whisky addictions. Also, don’t forget to vote for FinsNation in New Times’ Web Awards. It’ll make us feel […] Read more »

Zach Thomas Has Five Things He Wants To Share With You

Figured you’d had enough of seeing O’s face everytime you logged onto good ole FinsNation. So, I googled “hot lady” and look who came up! Jennifer Lopez also came up, which is counter productive of the whole thing. But, hey. GOOGLE BE SLIPPIN. (No, I don’t think J-Lo is, or ever has been, hot. No, […] Read more »

Omar Kelly Is The Biggest Troll In The History of the Internet

If you’re a frequent reader of his blog, or perhaps one of many who have been blocked by him on Twitter, then you know that Omar Kelly is the biggest sports writer troll in the history of the Internet. It’s not even close. And yes, we’re talking bigger than Skip Bayless, Michael Wilbon, Jason Whitlock, […] Read more »

Victory Monday, Y’all!

Victory Monday, Y’all! Kate Upton and her amazing tits are here to celebrate Victory Monday with you. Isn’t that nice? (Seriously, Kate Upton’s tits are too good. It’s like God’s very own double-middle fingers at us all. Not cool, God!) Since these things called “wins” are so damn rare, I figured I’d come back from […] Read more »

Dolphins vs. Jets Open Thread

New rule: end every comment in this thread with ::fart:: or /fart noise — regardless of how the game is going or how serious your comment is. Go Fins Read more »