Dolphins Sign Dustin Keller to 1-Year Deal

HEY, HANDSOME! Reports are the Dolphins have made a shrewd move (unless we threw $6 mil at him) by signing former Jets TE Dustin Keller to a one-year deal.  Keller will get a chance to prove he’s healthy and can play a full season in the hopes of getting some more cash next year and […] Read more »

Brian Hartline Talks About Me, Defends His Stance on Cats

Brian Hartline went on LeBatard’s show to address the ongoing twitter beef between several FinsNationers and Hartline about his apparent dislike for cats.  It wasn’t about how he felt about his contract or anything. Nooooo…it was the caaaaaattttssssssssssssssssssssss. The cat talk starts at about the 5:30 mark. Read more »

And So It Begins…

Don’t think I’ve ever felt so ‘meh’ about the team upon entering the free agency period as I do this year. But here we go… (We’ll try to stay updated as things happen) UPDATE #1:  By all appearances, JEFFY IRELAND GOT HIM!  Now 3 things: 1) Don’t stop here.  Need another WR in those 5 […] Read more »

A Quick Recap of That Time A Chipmunk Got Mad At Me For Liking Cats

So, Brian Hartline got mad at me yesterday. It’s all pretty silly and ridiculous but I figured I’d provide some screenshots of the ‘altercation’ last night between possible soon-to-be-$6 million-dollar-man, Chipmunk Hartline, and his clingy girl with the stratospheric fake boobs up to her neck, Kara Conrad.  In all, they got super butthurt at first […] Read more »

Dolphins Franchise Randy ‘Bang Bus’ Starks

The Dolphins have franchised DT Randy Starks – who famously pinned an officer against another car while partying on South Beach in 2009 and was forever known as ‘Bang Bus’ – thus taking up some of Jeff Ireland’s precious $50mil or so for free agents and incoming rookies.  Bang Bus was looking for a multi-year […] Read more »