Your First Round Open Thread

Oh, what big, fat guy that doesn’t score touchdowns await us… SO MANY large, delicious men for Jeff Ireland to salivate over.  He must be straight outta jizz right now from fappin’ all day long to Combine video of them. The fatal 3-car pile-up that is your Miami Dolphins awaits in the comments. Let’s go. Read more »

These Are The New Uniforms

As reported a earlier today by UniWatch, the Dolphins new uniform was leaked and here’s your first second third 50th look at them.  That is aaaaalooottt of light aqua/teal/Easter/’Bayside Blue’/whatever. Impressions? There’s A LOT of white and the aqua has a considerable amount of more of a blueish hue to them, if you will.  Are […] Read more »