Site Still Closed…. But Wanted To Share This For Tonights Game


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  1. Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home says:

    Geno Smith one of the absolute worst QBs in the 2014 NFL has an absolutely perfect QB rating against the Miami Dolphins in Chemtrail Death stadium.
    Tannehill shits the bed again passing for only 1 TD altogether against the NY Jets in two 2014 games.
    In the games that mattered for the playoffs the Jets, Ravens and Patriots – Tannehill had a grand total of 2 passing TDs.
    Geno Smith was the better QB 4sure on Sunday.
    Telling, …..
    Tannehill Dinked n Dunked cuz his deep passes Stunk to the padded stats number of 4000 YDs on almost 600 pass attempts.
    Home was exactly right on Tannehill predicted passing TDs for two yrs in a row now.
    24 Passing TDs in 2013 & 28 Passing TDs in 2014 with of course No Playoffs EVER

    Go Fish !

  2. Ray Finkle says:

    Baby come back!

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