Brent Grimes Gets a Gift Basket

It’s nothing compared to the COCKCAKES he usually gets, but we here at FinsNation felt it was apropos to send along this wonderful gift basket to Brent Grimes.  Yes, he gave up a long pass to TY Hilton early in the game but his balls-as-fuuuuuck interception of Luck’s deep pass near the end of the […] Read more »

Your Miami Dolphins Start the 2013 Season 2-0, SHOW US YOUR TITS!

Holy cockshoes your Miami Dolphins are 2-0! After taking down Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts 24-20, the Fins are off to the races, starting the season 2-0 for the first time IN LIKE A DECADE. Kinda like the first time I ever dry-humped my mattress, this feels weird, but also really good! Feel free […] Read more »

Dolphins at Colts Open Thread

(The most perfect bit by Louis CK EVER) Anyway… Fins at Colts The Guy That Could Have Been Our Star Franchise Quarterback vs. The Consolation Prize Guy With a Wife People Inexplicably Find Hot. Should be a hoot! Will Miami go 2-0? Can they? STAY TUNED… Bang up the comments section why dontcha…. Read more »

It’s Friday, Fuckers

  On Sunday, we’re up against our beloved ONE THAT GOT AWAY, derp-face and dumb voice and all.  : ( Hopefully the O-line gets their shit together and the running backs, you know, run hard and stuff. Bang it here for some keys to the game. Have a great weekend.  God, I love football! Read more »

Dolphins at Browns Open Thread

And here we goooooo Year Two of the Tannehill/Philbin/DearGodWhyIsIrelandStillInCharge?? kicks off today in Cleveland. The Browns are pretty much the Dolphins, except in a shittier town. Also, with shittier helmets. And shittier people, in general. But, otherwise, yea… so today’s game ought to be a fucking delight! As per usual, feel free to leave your […] Read more »

Presenting: The 2013 J.R. Tolver Award

….AND OOOH WHAT MERRIMENT THE LAND DOTH ENJOY…. For today, on this 6th of September, in the Year of our Lord, Omar Kelly, did his most gracious of all Dolphins soothsayers/mother-sexing deities decree that the final, YES FINAL, J.R. Tolver Award Winner for Wide Receivers That Show Promise, Ability, Zeal, Athleticism, Toughness, Discipline, Chutzpah Only […] Read more »

The Preseason is Mercifully Over

Welp, that’s all over and done with.  After 5 pretty painful, pointless games, the Dolphins will kick off the 2013 season next Sunday in Cleveland.  What can we take away from meaningless games involving several men that will be taking Pizza Hut orders in the next week or so?  Well, not much but certainly a […] Read more »

So Long, Dan Carpenter

  Unless you’ve been living in Egypt for the past 24 hours, you’ll know that Dan Carpenter was released by the Dolphins in an effort to save some flowage against the cap and give more reps to 5th round pick, Caleb Sturgis.  Sturgis impressed the shit out of everyone in the Jax preseason game with […] Read more »

Joe Philbin is CRAZY EXCITED for Tonight’s Preseason Game

  Aww yea, GO PHILBIN GO PHILBIN GO!  GO PHILBIN GO PHILBIN GO! Things to look out for tonight: Will Tannyboy be better or SHOULD WE JUST KILL HIM NOW AND BURY HIS BODY IN TROPICAL PARK?? Offensive Line: Caca de dinosario Mike Wallace + Chipmunk = Nu Luk Awfenzzzz FINARRY Defense gonna get all […] Read more »

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