Yeeeaaa…Ireland’s Totally Picking A Fat Guy

Lost in the mire of Arrrrrmando’s latest post about Ireland’s likelihood of using the franchise tag on someone this season (and, really, who the fuck knows – I doubt even Ginger SourFace Jones up there does), is this last little quote from Ireland that should scare the shit out of every Dolphins fan / not […] Read more »

The Dolphins Supposed #1 Target is Mike Wallace

Reports (specifically from everyone’s favorite homophobe/biblical quoter/target of racially-tinged police I-595 tailgating, Omar Kelly) are beginning to surface that the #1 target for Rosencrantz and Gildenstern over there is Steelers WR Mike Wallace. The good news: Wallace is one of the fastest players in the league and is a proven touchdown machine that can spread […] Read more »

Time To Switch Up The Scenery Around Here

This is Carrie Keagan. She is a blonde with blue eyes, very big boobs and she loves whisky. If you want any chance of getting a girl as smoking hot as this, be sure to visit this site here. You might actually get a girl to like you. Enjoy your Wednesday, folks. Fuck Jeff Ireland […] Read more »

A #Fireland Update

But, first, good God this guy is a moron. Seriously a tattoo of your wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey??? Are you fucking kidding me? These guys deserve every single bad thing that happens to them. Disgusting idiot fanbase… Anyway, back to our own fucked up franchise and the crusade that’s been undertaken by Tom […] Read more »

Time To Have Your Voices Heard, People #Fireland

Okay, this is this year’s banner, folks. FinsNation is fully endorsing star commenter Tom Ass’ venture to annoy the shit out of Jeff Ireland and do the best we can – given the fact we’re basically powerless against this asshole – to make our voices heard. We urge you to check out the site for […] Read more »

Hey, Look At That! ANOTHER Losing Season

Frankly, there’s not a ton of new things to say about this team lately and the situation is fucking depressing. We are in a ‘Groundhog’s Day’ of elephant shit when it comes to this team and it’s always the fucking same. It’s incredibly tiresome and tremendously BORING, above all else. I noticed there was a […] Read more »

The New York Jets Are GARBAGE!

Deadspin posted this video just a bit ago and, yea, they totally are garbage, you guys!! We are 1000% in agreement!!! Aww man, now I’m wishing I would have gone to this game just to witness this. Can you imagine what an awesome Thanksgiving that would have been? I would have literally shit my pants […] Read more »

Happy Titsgiving!

This is Amanda Cerny.  She figured you had just about enough of ole’ Crazy Sicko Philbin scaring the bejesus outta you guys. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone.  And maybe – just maybe – if we all pray really, really hard tomorrow, Jeff Ireland will self-combust into a fireball of assholedom.  Then we’d truly have something […] Read more »

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