Closing Time

As the news of Jeff Ireland and the Fins long-awaited divorce broke Tuesday night, and Dolphins Twitter was drenched in pure joy, two things dawned on Dat Roro Kid and I. 1.) Holy fuck! It finally fucking HAPPENED! 2.) Time to close shop on FN. Yep, after six years of writing, blogging, venting, dick joking, […] Read more »

Your Miami Dolphins Start the 2013 Season 2-0, SHOW US YOUR TITS!

Holy cockshoes your Miami Dolphins are 2-0! After taking down Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts 24-20, the Fins are off to the races, starting the season 2-0 for the first time IN LIKE A DECADE. Kinda like the first time I ever dry-humped my mattress, this feels weird, but also really good! Feel free […] Read more »

Dolphins at Colts Open Thread

(The most perfect bit by Louis CK EVER) Anyway… Fins at Colts The Guy That Could Have Been Our Star Franchise Quarterback vs. The Consolation Prize Guy With a Wife People Inexplicably Find Hot. Should be a hoot! Will Miami go 2-0? Can they? STAY TUNED… Bang up the comments section why dontcha…. Read more »

Dolphins at Browns Open Thread

And here we goooooo Year Two of the Tannehill/Philbin/DearGodWhyIsIrelandStillInCharge?? kicks off today in Cleveland. The Browns are pretty much the Dolphins, except in a shittier town. Also, with shittier helmets. And shittier people, in general. But, otherwise, yea… so today’s game ought to be a fucking delight! As per usual, feel free to leave your […] Read more »

Brent Grimes Likes His Birthday Cakes

Fins cornerback Brent Grimes had himself a surprise 30th birthday this past Friday thrown by his wife and buddies. And what kind of theme birthday cake do you get a man who is turning the big Three Oh? Why the kind with a lady sucking a dick on it, of course! Turns out, Grimes’ cake […] Read more »

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