Hey Jeff… Buhhhh Bye


Jeff and the fins ‘part ways’. Source.

Now what do we wish for?

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When do we get rid of the “awful” college WR posing as an NFL QB

…. worst QB in the NFL on passes 20+ YDs , … Tannefail

2 Awful Miami Dolphin drafts in a row

All 3 of these guys should be gone in 2014

1) Tannefail
2) Martin
3) Egnew

Seriously, could it get any worse ?!

Good luck to Home;s Fav team, the Carolina Panthers

Excellent drafting 3 yrs in a row = Play Offs w one week off and a home game

1st round picks

2011) Rookie of the year 2011 & 2013 Pro Bowl – QB Cam Newton #1
2012) Rookie of the year 2013 Pro Bowl LB Luke Kuechly #9
2013) Star Lotulelei #14

Jesus Mary and Joseph about goddamned time. My only fear is that Aponte twat take over. I can only wish that the Jets hire Ireland that would make my life complete. What a great fucking day.

Home you babbling meth addicted retarded Mexican street prostitute. Quit posting shit as if your a fan and some sort of analyst. Seriously Home do not ruin this great day for us by posting baby speak and Dominican Republic prostitute speak.

FUCK yeah goooooooodddddbyyyyye IRELAND. I hope you get AIDS and then pas it on to your family!


Do us all a favor and become a Panthers fan. No need for you to be on Dolphin fan sites. By the way if not or the 4th and 10 conversion we would have beaten your Panther team with all their talent.

3 Great Drafts in a row for the Carolina Panthers
Your Jeff Ireland Drafts

in the end
The Panthers drafted Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly and Star Lotulelei

and the Fish drafted Hernandez bro-Pouncey, Wr posing as an NFL QB Tannefail and the skinny kid w the chronically bad shoulder Jordan

The Fish sunk to the bottom and the Panthers have their feet up w a week off and a Home game 🙂


and have a HAARPY day !

LOL @ Tannyboy

and p.s. U really suck

U could not hit a deep pass to save Lauren’s vagina

Khalid if u and Jeff Ireland did not have a mouth full of Stank Fish Semen,
then we would have no Dick jokes here

Pats & Panthers = Great Teams in the NFL worth cheering 4 🙂
Both did spectacular this season, … as usghe

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