Is It Too Early To Talk About Our First Game Of The Season?

Our September 8th contest against the Browns is fast approaching… well not really. Dammit. Welp, I guess the longer we have until the season starts, the longer we can dream that our team is gonna do well – versus the harsh reality of the actual games.

Until then, more boobs:

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Just hang on a bit… we’ll get it sorted out.

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  1. Gersom says:

    Nice!!! My blood is finally starting to thaw!!!! It’s been a while since we’ve written on here. There really is no better way than to start with boobies and sexy ladies!!!

  2. MoDolFan says:

    OH HAAAIIII!!! I was starting to worry about you guys!! In a completely non-homosexual way…. ok.. maybe a little homo…. cheers to hangover monday and to hoping we field a good team this year!!

  3. Steve Sanders says:


  4. Miami says:

    She’s hot.

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