It’s Friday, Fuckers



On Sunday, we’re up against our beloved ONE THAT GOT AWAY, derp-face and dumb voice and all.  : (

Hopefully the O-line gets their shit together and the running backs, you know, run hard and stuff.

Bang it here for some keys to the game.

Have a great weekend.  God, I love football!

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Just hang on a bit… we’ll get it sorted out.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Boom, glad to see you are directing us to your articles (seriously). I love reading them but am a lazy fuck.

    We go 2-0 and I might buy some gay whale tail teal and cream sickle swag, yo.

  2. Home on the Phins says:

    Home “Banged It Here” and Miami Spread did not even get jealous

    Good Job Fellas, Funny shit as usghe

    Believe Luck has 8 comeback wins, not sure if they are all in the 4th though – prolly r

    Expecting one Hell of a Shoot Out
    w Luck & TanneHOPE both passing for over 300 YDs and 3 passing TDs each

    Our run game will def pick up
    Indy sucks on the run stop
    Lamar Miller will shed the name “Lame Miller” this week 4 sure

    Home’s guttin it out and has TanneHOPE, Wallace, The Chipmunk and Sturgis in fantasy football this week
    Opponent had (3) Patriots – Brady (who had less than 200 YDs and only 1 TD)
    Edelman (13 receptions yet less than 80 YDs and no TDs) and another Gront (the Kicker w 2 FGs)

    So it sucks to be him 🙂
    Home will buy y’all a fantasy beer w the winnings!

    have a HAARPy day and Go Fish !

  3. Home on the Phins says:

    Us Niggas Got Swag!

    Bought Miami Spread a newly arrived sexy lil pair of hottie Miami Dolphins cheer leading shorts and cool white tank w faded new whale tale logo
    Home picked up nother cool new green colored dry wic fly weight long sleeve Miami Dolphin work out t-shirt

    Seen enuf
    Our team deserves some more support

    D-fence looks fucking AMAZING!

  4. Home on the Phins says:


    Home has Miami by 3 points against Indy
    and then, ……………….. 2 or 3 losses in a row for Miami at the bye week

    What’s a girl to do ?!

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