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Funny jiggling pic

Nothing like a sexy dirty little whore to brighten the day, instead of wishing we had a professional football team in Miami

Go Fish !

OMG! That Dirty Little Whore has been dancing for like 4 days now w those Heavy Cantaloupe Tits!

Not sure what’s worse
Tannehill getting Hit by LB Luke Kuechly or
One of those Tits Hitting Him in the eye

Dolphins Done on Sunday 🙁

Wow, she must have made a wager that Tannehill would be the most inaccurate deep ball passer out of any starting NFL QB

Is the TanneFAIL experiment over yet !

Rightfully so
the draft pick Ireland missed on , LB Luke Kuechly and his team ends the Dolphoons hopes

Imagine how good the Panthers would have beat us if Cam Wake did not get away w his illegal hit on Cam Newton, which concussed the QB and had him spitting blood the whole 1st half ?

TanneFAIL, what a waste of a pick, ……………………….. Matt Moore and Pat Devlin = much better w the deep ball, … NEXT!!!

Go Fish !

Home is sitting Naked and Immaculate wearing his 2012 black & Blue LB Jersey from his Draft Pick for the Dolphins,…..
LB Luke Kuechly 🙂

Why does EVERY deep pass by Tannehill resemble a Hail Marry Balloon Throw that is always at least 5 YDs in the wrong direction ?

The FBI said, that would be a clue that maybe he is a WR that fakes the NFL QB position enuf to fool the tools

Hang on, ……… Omar Kelly is knocking at the door


Leave it to Tannehill to throw the ball 3 yds behind an open receiver and lead him back into a defender not only making it more difficult to make the catch but also giving the defender a chance to tip the ball; which is what he did. It’s official. Tannehill sucks big whale dick.

TanneFAIL has another Miami Dolphin record this year

TanneFAIL now has gone seven games this season scoring ZERO POINTS in the fourth quarter

TanneFAIL continues his ridiculous inaccuracies of missing Hartline deep last year and this year and now
Wallace all this year

Wallace could have had two more TDs and a win as he beat the coverage easily deep 3 times for an easy TD
Wallace only only came up w one of those wounded duck floating balloon puke inducing weak inaccurate passes from the
(another NFL record from TanneFAIL this year) WORST DEEP BALL PASSER IN THE 2013 NFL = TanneFAIL

Seriously Matt Moore, Pat Devlin and even the high school water boy could have easily hit Wallace in stride

Is the TanneFAIL WR pretending to be an (lol) franchise QB over yet !?

Wallace goes deep
Tannehill throws
It’s …..
It’s short
It’s long
No wait,
It’s out of bounds by 2 -3 YDs

another missed opportunity for Ryan Tanneyhill and the Dolphoons


Ya see Home’s pick Luke Kuechly

Kuechly stopped Brady/Gronk and Tannehill/Mathews from game winning scores and
LB Luke has been making game changing/winning plays for his team as 2012 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year and current 1st place winner of 2013 NFL MVP-Defense

Kuechly not TanneFAIL who was the worst rated starting QB of 2012
Good going Jeffrey ! 😉

Fish r Done
Kuechly stopped the hapless fish from scoring w a bone jarring hit separating the WR from the ball

Light Out!

3 more losses coming

JETs win Sunday
Fish will remember
Wow !
The whole time we had QB Matt Moore right here, who beat the Jets last year
TanneFAIL never beat the JETs

TanneFAIL 6 yrs in the same system w the same coach
No upside
Upside came and went
He has peeked and the Tannehill experiment should be over after the JETS game on Sunday


7-9 All the Time
Go Fish !

Just got home from the METLIFE massacre, Phins fans took over that stadium!!!! Haven’t seen that Many 13’S in my life!!!!!!!!

FUCK THE JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TanneFAIL looked outstanding going 0-4 again this week on the deep ball playing against a CB w a broken hip and a rookie CB that was benched for playing terribly bad

Dolphins might want to start a QB that can actually throw deep accurately to open receivers

Starting to think Phat Paul or Richie Incognito could throw a better deep ball than TannePUKE

Unless of course your a fan like fat counselor Ken w the Dumbo ears and live in denial
actually believing his own BS that he thought the throw to Hartline was a good one and he does not remember any other deep throws by the great WR Ryan Timothy Tannehill posing as a QB


Big Rant here.
Why is it that I as a fan, not a coach that studies film, can know what play the Dolphins are going to run. If I know what play they are going to run, what makes the Dolphins think the other team doesn’t know what is coming. Too predictable.
Can this team grow a set of balls and get a fucking yard on third or fourth down? Silly me, what am I thinking, we can’t get a yard rushing on 1st or 2nd down either. Speaking of running the ball. Can we just QB sneak or run the ball up the middle when we need a yard or less. I mean how many times will it take to realize that we can’t (and you shouldn’t) run wide in those situations. Get some balls.

Kicking – There is no other kicker in this league that would’ve lasted this long after blowing so many important kicks. It is because our brilliant GM not only wasted a pick on a kicker but a high one at that and if he cuts him loose he looks bad. (too late for that) You can’t make this shit up. While I want this kid to succeed, I have zero confidence in him to make any kick let alone an important one.

QB. – I want Tannehill to succeed more than anyone. Please stop with the Matt Moore stuff. He is nothing more than a backup and while he can provide a spark it is only for a short while. He is limited in his abilities. Someone has got to be working with Tannehill on throwing the deep ball. He has got to have a stronger arm than he is showing. I can’t take it anymore. We finally have a guy that can get open deep and we don’t have a QB that can reach him. Tannehill has virtually no pocket awareness. I have seen some improvement and I am hoping that it is something he can get better at. If not we are screwed. He has to know when to get rid of the damn ball and when he can’t take a sack. Lastly, my biggest concern…..I don’t have confidence in him to win us a game when we are behind in the second half. The two minute offense looks like a foreign concept to him at times.
O-line – We are better off without Martin and Incognito. Martin is a baby and is too sensitive to play in the NFL. Someone might say something and hurt his feelings and he will walk off the field crying for his mommy. As for Incognito (A.K.A. Bob’s Big Boy) he is so overrated. He was part of the line that gave up sack after sack and that can’t run block. Go with the guys on the line now. It is a small step up but at least a step up.

Defense – I like our defense with the exception of pass coverage (although the run defense has not been good lately). Some of this is the fault of our coaching. Unless you have a team that knows and understands how to play zone pass coverage, don’t fucking run it. Too many times guys don’t play cohesively when letting a receiver into the other guys zone. It should be like a handoff, not like what a matador does. I can’t take it anymore watching a guy just let a receiver go uncovered while our defender is covering fucking air………and no one else is eligible to go out for a pass. WTF? And can we ever make a fucking stop on 3rd fucking down? Might help if cornerbacks and linebackers practiced catching balls. How many dropped interceptions does it take (and critical ones at that ) before a coach sets up a juggs machine and fires footballs at them from 5 yards away until they catch 25 in a row after every practice. Turnovers at the name of the damn game. If Nolan Carroll would’ve caught that one late in the game against the Panthers (it was right in his hands) the game would’ve have been over. But no, the Panthers got another down and converted and proceeded to drive down for a TD to beat us.
Lastly, our offense is to blame for our defense – how about running a few more plays once in a while. Jesus Christ our Defense is usually on the field all damn game. but too much shit is overlooked by the coaching staff.

Coaching – Defensively – see above.
Offense and Head Coach – Mike Sherman is officially the most predictable OC in the world. I don’t want to hear his excuses about he needs to make it simple for his young QB. Do they do that for Russell Wilson in Seattle? Hell no. This is the NFL. You are playing with the big boys. No more dumbing it down. You’ve heard of the West Coast offense, you’ve heard of the Read/Option offense, well Mike Sherman and the Fins have perfected the highly acclaimed “3 and out ” offense. We run it with the precision of a surgeon. A main package in this offense is to have 3rd down pass patterns run and completed for at least 3 yards short of the first down marker while attempting to have our receiver break 6 tackles in hopes of making the first down. And we are also known for turning 3rd and 2 into an automatic passing down. That a way to take out the mystery there Mikey. WTF? Oh yeah. If we are going to call a fade pattern in the corner of the end zone (with a QB that doesn’t have the touch for it) don’t fucking call it on 3rd or 4th down. That is the lowest completion % pattern for the Phins. If you want to try it on 1st or 2nd down, go ahead and try it then (and waste the down). Jesus Christ if we could run the damn ball we could play action to a wide open tight end the end zone
Head Coaching – I like Philbin but at times he confounds me. He is an offensive guy and can over rule Mikey when a stupid ass play is called. I am also concerned about his judgment on when to go for it and when to punt. Most importantly I never see any halftime adjustments from him. He needs to take a lesson from Bellichick who is one of the best at it. But even some adjustments would be nice. I never see any
With all their flaws this team has way too much talent (not superior talent) to be 6 and 6. That is on the coaching.

GM and Ownership. – Not worth my time. Completely USELESS

I do have one footnote – all of the above comments do not take into account….. the JETS game. Let’s face it. St. Mary”s home of the blind could beat the Jets right now.

Good post ^

Believe if QB Matt Moore was our starter we would be i the Playoffs as top WC team or neck n neck w the Pats on wins
Fact is w the same players on the field on both sides of the ball, Matt Moore has outplayed Tannehill by a huge margin
(see Jets game last season)
U already said TanneFAIL cannot throw the deep ball as he is grossly inaccurate and the NFL world is now figuring out what Home has been preaching all along on this Tannehill NFL QB experiment
U also note TanneFAIL has poor pocket presence, holds the ball too long,cannot close games and u have no confidence in him
Fact is Matt Moore in HS,college and the NFL has records for the least amount of turnovers
while Believe TanneFAIL has himself 15 or 16 turnovers this season with fumbles and INTs

Tannehill has only been a downgrade of Matt Moore and Tannehill in two seasons now holds eight dif neg Miami Dolphin and NFL records that are embarrassing

Kens brother who is much more likable and successful than Ken agrees w Home 🙂

I think you missed my point.I respectfully disagree While Tannehill has issues I still think he is far better than Matt Moore. If Matt Moore was as good as you say he would have been a starrter somewhere else and you would be hearing all sorts of talk about other teams dying to have him as their starter. You would be hard pressed to find many if any NFL analysts that would take Moore over Tannehill. With all his faults I can do nothing but hope he can be rhe QB we need him to be. I am tired of nothing but stiffs since Marino. I would like for my kids to know the dolphins as the great team they used to be when I grew up instead of the embarrassment they have become.

ANALyst r just that
TanneFAIL + wife is suppose to be the face of the franchise tired of sugar coating it

Look @ 3rd and 4th Q stats
One of the worst in the NFL
same as college
not a winner

Eight embarrassing NFL and franchise new low records for Tannehill

right it’s the WRs
No the O-line
No the coaching
No the wind blowing from the EAST


Free tickets to watch Tannehill
Cost too much

Let Walkaah, GDP, Ken and others defend the POS QB
Face it
It’s all they got left


QB Matt Moore earns 4 million dollars a year right now w o getting hit on a two yr contract of 8 million while on the side lines watching TanneFAIL embarrass the franchise and throw deep balls to every one except his intended target

Home agrees w Gruden, Rich Gannon and Merril Hoge – Gruden not a believer in TanneFAIL
Gannon says Tannehill will NEVER get u more than 9-7 at best and Hoge says he’s “awful”

Marino also said he played bad last week, 1st half at half time show

Dolfans r desperate to clng to anything and soooo much denial on Tanny boy

Home never liked the pick

It’s simple
TanneFAIL is not a winner and has too many faults as an NFL QB

He’s not a very good QB and certainly not elite
A pile of dog shit is still a pile of dog shit regardless if he wears a pretty Dolphin jersey


Miami Dolphins have not won a Play Off game in like 12 yrs

not interested in some wrinkly butt ol fool telling us stories bout what some relics did over 40 fucking yrs ago

2 more generations of south Floridians dont give a fuck either bout the ole stooges from way back when
How exactly is that relevant w anything now ?

Luke Kuechly just won eight fucking games in a row and was MVP – rookie defense last year leading the NFL in tackles
same this yr

We fucked up and picked some chump wanna be a winner QB instead of a real play maker
He has not done shit but play awful
Always chokes dick in the 2nd half

Tannehill continues to be irrelevant and after 6 yrs in the same fucking system
there aint no more upside
just down side

Jaded Dolfans just cant see it
Cuz they want to believe to the point of makin shit up

Tannehill sucks and will be watching the Patriots in the Playoffs w their three SB rings attempting to earn their 4th

but that’s how it is

Go Fish !

I agree Tannehill sucks but your arguments hold up better if erase Matt Moore from your thought process. If Tannehill is not the answer. Neither is Matt Moore. Either talk about drafting someone else or acquiring a free agent. If you are talking about this season that is history. Realistically this is over. Even if the stars aligned and we made the playoffs we are going to get smoked. So the question remains….who is the stud qb that can lead us to a SB and where will he come from? There is no one on the roster who fits that bill.

Point was Tannehill is not even as good as Matt Moore at the NFL QB position
Tannehill is in the same system now for 6 yrs w the same coach
Tannehill has either regressed or marginally improved in some areas
His few TD passes are from receivers breaking tackles and determined to get to the end zone w YAC
not from hitting wide open receivers becuz we all have seen through college and the Pros
Tannehill misfires on almost every deep ball
Tannehill is terrible w the deep ball, at ball security and scoring TDs

So if enjoy wasting an 8th overall pick to draft a QB that is less than your back up, what’s the point?
Have u also seen how many Tannehill passes went right to the defense in the wrong colored jerseys?
This thing could have been a lot uglier if the DBs held on to those easy potential INTs thrown by Tannehill

It’s a shame
But we still don’t have a franchise QB
Esp if u cannot throw a deep pass and are known for turning the ball over
Great Tannehill is athletic
Then we can pick him for our beach volleyball team or a pick up game of basketball at LA fitness w the rest of the “athletes”

As far as a QB that has a great deep ball to connect and score TDs w Wallace and Hartline and turn the ball over less w this new Dolphins team, QB Matt Moore clearly would have been a better choice
Most of the games we lost were directly Tannehill’s fault for misfiring, inaccuracy and himself turning the ball over
We could have had four more wins already this season if not for Tannehill’s follies, inaccuracy and poor ball security

Miami w an accurate QB, that can actually hit wide open WRs and NOT turn the ball over
If u watch the tape
would have had our team @ 10-2 right now
That would be in 1st place in the division, ahead of Tom Brady and the Patriots

We lost becuz of TanneFAIL


Please dont tell the truth on TannyBoy
Let’s keep pretending he is a great passer even though he’s completely missed like 20 wide open TD passes in only a year and three quarters and some how it will just come natural now

Don’t remember Marino coming in and missing wide open receivers over and over and over and over and over and over again

Oh yeah that’s right TanneFAIL is still developing even though he is in the same system w the same coach for 6 yrs now
2 yrs as a WR and 4 yrs as a starting QB

and still under throwing, over throwing and throwing out of bounds on the deep ball

How bout Moore at QB and Tanny at WR ?

Would trade a desperate team Tannehill for a 2nd or 3rd round pick if u could get it or maybe let Fields punt and play QB

Funny how the 5.8 170 lb Honey Badger who just knocked the shit out of stud WR DeSean Jackson and has been having an outstanding rookie yr was picked in the 3rd round and w 1st round pick 3rd over all Jordan saw only 5 snaps in garbage time and is not having 1/10th the production as the Honey Badger, a 3rd rounder

Like the Jordan pick but shows u
Ireland is not that good drafting

take a look:
1) TanneFAIL
2) Martin
3) Egnew

Dolphins this yr so far got nothing w their Ireland DB picks and the Honey Badger is lighting it up

…. just like Dez Bryant

If only Cowher and Mario would come and take the reigns from the current regime, …. Home would be the biggest fan

Marino really getting sourer on TanneFAIL also, as he and every one else should

Nice to see OV developing
Sae UMs OV in his rookie camp last season after practice w shirt off bull rushing from the inside and
Home was very impressed w this rook as reported
A genetic mutant OV was very thick and powerful w a very good bull rush

The pass rush could develop into something special for the Dolphins in upcoming yrs if Wake stays healthy and OV and Jordan continue to develop quickly
Now w a QB that can throw the deep ball and/or have limited TOs
Dolphins could compete w the Patriots
but not w TanneFAIL as QB

At least “FedupFinsFan” is coherent when he writes, and makes enough sense that I don’t mind reading his long posts. But “Home on the Phins” on the other hand writes like my 14 year old niece typing long winded and almost entirely illegible status updates on Facebook. Seriously, dude, wtf? I like browsing the comments section here for people’s Dolphins opinions, but yours are literally stupid, and again, you write in these half-sentence fragments that are unclear, and even when I try to follow what you’re saying, I usually give up because of how retarded you sound. And then in a case like this, where “FedupFinsFan” is trying to have a coherent back-and-forth with you, you just keep posting and saying the same (unfunny) TanneFAIL line, as if that’s so brilliant or something. Dude, say it once, maybe twice and it’s mildly amusing… but you run that shit into the ground and it’s just dumb. And why do you keep smugly trying to get credit for “knowing” this or that? Nobody fucking cares if you “knew” that a certain player sucks or whatever… literally no one cares. But for some reason you write as if you’re some guy we should be like, “Yep, we shoulda’ listened to that Home on the Phins guy, he knew, but we didn’t listen!”

Thank you Zgonina.

“Home”- you are just awful. It is simply impossible to read your posts. When you say something I agree with I immediately second guess myself and start thinking the opposite. If you do have what appears to be a valid thought I can only imagine it is like they say – even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut.

I can only speculate that “Home” is one of the reasons that these brilliant bloggers gave up on what used to be an excellent site. I keep popping in here to see if the last few years has just been a bad dream and the blog is really like it used to be – with great titty humor, critical insight, and occasional debate.

Maybe everybody just moved on to a better place and didn’t invite me? Is there another titty humor Fin fan oasis out there that I haven’t been told about?

They are all on Twitter and have internet newspaper columns. With Twitter you get to (have to?) listen to them rave over the Miami Heat, so there’s that.

Chris writes at Broward Palm Beach New Times. Sadly I do not see a Dolphins article there today.

DRK writes at Miami New Times. He has an article on the Steelers game up now.

For some reason my cut and paste is not working but you can google it if you want to continue reading our former (current?) Finsnation leaders.

Oh and I can now say playoffs in a non Jim Mora voice.

Hey Home ole Tanny has more 20+ and 40+ completions than Brady. Do you think he is garbage as well? Also he has been playing behind a line that is hot garbage and has taken more sacks than I have ever witnessed. Most of those sacks not being his fault.

As I ponder all that is said here, I cannot help but offer my unconditional love to all those sentient beings that participate on this kind-of blog (which I still freakin’ go to after a game, even though I know a new post is only at the New Times sites, where searching for Dolphins articles is like searching for coherent lines of thought in Home’s posts). But perhaps instead of attacking the messenger, perhaps it is the way the information is being presented.

See, Home’s approach is very appropriate for places like the Herald or even the Sentinel (although the blogs are different lately there) where the comments go so fast you have to shout (repeat posts and use tons of ‘catch phrases’) to be heard and to gain an audience to your ideas. The drudgery of those comments make a monk want to go on some 3-day cinnamon whiskey binge and drive to Graceland in a chopped volkswagon van. WHOOO!!!! [“for some reason I believe, the Lama’ll be received, at Graceland…do do do do dum dum”]

However, here (kind of like the PB Post) there’s so few of us, your ideas don’t really need to be so in our faces. It is like my monk-concubine using a bull horn to ask me to pass the gravy at the dinner table. I’M RIGHT FUCKING HERE! No need to yell. Here, we can actually talk, or drool, whatever it is, in some sort of conversational tone. Kind of like real life. Everyone on here is probably reasonably hip, ’cause the humor, as “dick-in-the-dirt” as it is, is not exactly low-brow shit. Casual fans will get lost in the balls-ness, but the truly great Dolphins fans appreciate the greatness of the biting commentary based on acute observation and the sweet commentary of some funny-as-shit people. I tend to think these people are probably pretty funny in real life too. I think we all write like we talk. Do you speak in a Turrets-like fashion typically? If so, just let us know, and we’ll all cut you some slack…seriously.

And, it is not like your comments will get lost in ALL the posts here that pop up maybe 3-4 time a week. they’ll still be there tomorrow…and the next day…just lingering…and bouncing along…like those hypnotic…everlasting…whiplash-inducing…black-eye-giving…mamm…mammorieseses…!!!… Aw shit…makes a monk’s robes get crusty just thinking about ’em.

OK…anyways, what what I typing about? Right…boobs. And Home. And that doesn’t seem right. So more boobs, less Home. But Home, don’t get me wrong, I, along with everyone else, value your opinion as much as we value everyone else’s opinion, which is to say that opinions are like assholes in that everyone has them and they often full of shit. I mean, Vishnu Christ! Where did my 19-0 prediction at the beginning of this season get me?

I guess we just don’t want to be ram-rodded in our monk-holes with your opinion. I get it…you don’t like Tanny-boy. Cool…Keep telling me about it when he fucks up and loses bad, but give a brother his due on that ballsy run he skull-fucked the Steelers D with try to enjoy Victory Monday. I don’t like Ireland and I keep remembering all the shitty picks he’s made. But give the brother his due…Charles Clay has been a baller and Grimes should get a cake sponsored buy this site with him in the midst of 40 vestal virgins performing copious schlong-tending duties. An open mind is like a parachute: it only works when it is not full of bullshit.

Anyway, here I am waking a sleeping dragon as all has been silent for a few days, and I hope this all doesn’t spur some 15 post rant that I’ll have to scroll past when I visit here, and that you can take all this as constructive life-affirming suggestions, but at least I’ll enjoy the bouncing boobies…ever bouncing boobies…

Unconditional love for all sentient beings…except for the Jets. Fuck those guys.

Seriously…fuck those guys.

Go Phins.

LOL @ the Chipmunks

The blog has been up for bout 25 days
That’s only like 5 posts a week for Home ( a record low)

… Dont shoot the messenger that Tannehill threw a pick-6 and the Dolphoons only won becuz the Steeler player stepped in poop (out of bounds w no one touching him) b4 scoring the game winning TD

Home has: Miami 27 New England 24 w o the surgically repaired TE Frakenkowski, NT Wilfork and LB Mayo

Go Phins !

We are like starving squirrels who have turned on ourselves, trying to rip off each others nuts.

Go my mighty water mammals. Make Tom Brady cry. Make Belicheat scowl. Beat these fuckers because then and only then can you dash our heightened hopes against the stone abyss that seems to be forever the Dolphins’ lot.

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