Six Pack Shortcuts Review – What You Need To Know

First off…  I wrote this review because I was sick and tired of spending what seemed like hours in the gym with what I felt like was crap results.  I knew I was putting in the time and effort but I still didn’t look the way I wanted to.

Looking in the mirror with my shirt off was not what I was put on this planet to be!  If I saw it “clear as day” then I knew others saw it too…  spending time in front of the mirror was damn near depressing!

I knew I had to do something because what I was doing straight up wasn’t cutting it!  I decided to give Mike Chang’s program a chance and here is my review (short version – I am seeing results!)…

Six Pack Shortcuts is an amazing overall body transformation system created by Mike Chang that is designed to produce incredible muscle definition and fat loss. The system utilizes, short high intensity training that almost anyone can start doing. Unlike most trendy exercises, this training will get results for anyone and doesn’t take hours at the gym.

So if you want life changing results, click to watch the video:

Five Huge Benefits of Six Pack Shortcuts

Six Pack Shortcuts reduces the time and mode of abdominal training by implementing exercises that are designed to burn fat fast. Most calories are burned outside the gym, and there are many benefits to this type of training.greek-god-question

1. It reduces or eliminates boredom.

There is nothing WORSE than a boring ass workout! How could anyone in their right mind stick to a workout that lacked inspiration… Short, intense cardio requires focus, is exciting, demands less time and produces fantastic results.

2. Because it demands less time.

No more working out for hours on end, being a “gym rat” and wondering why your spending more time in the gym than “outside” having fun! Six Pack Shortcuts is great for busy adults. It produces great results for the committed student.

3. Leverages high intensity benefits.

Science has proven over and over again that “High Intensity” is the way to go… in fact no other method has been scientifically proven to yield such great results in such a little amount of time. The high intensity training method spikes natural growth hormone levels for hours after training. Growth hormone is vital for nearly every system in the body.

4. Six Pack Shortcuts is progressive.

I tried P90X and seriously was like WTF! How do they expect you to just “jump into” this program. It slowly builds the student to advanced training levels. This is very beneficial to those who are unfit or likely to be intimidated by high intensity training.

5. Six Pack Shortcuts does not stop at aesthetics.

So we all want to look good… I get it, but I don’t want to be all beauty… I want some brawn to back it up! The program promotes functional training and puts some “go” behind the “show.” There is nothing worse than a fit, uncoordinated body.<br/ ><br/ >

Four Things I Really Like About Six Pack Shortcuts

I like this training program because it tells the truth! It seems like there so much BS out there on how to get ripped and stay that way… it can seem hard to find the truth!

The way to a getting well-sculpted abs is not by doing boring hours of abdominal crunches or using fancy machines. More than half the battle is found in disciplined eating.

1. I liked the fact that Six Pack Shortcuts is celebrity endorsed.

Comedic relief from a well-known celebrity makes the product and results seem attainable by the average person.  Plus it has been proven over and over again that if your not having fun, well… you know the opposite of fun!  Chances are if you are like me if it isn’t fun you won’t stick with it long term.

2. I also give Six Pack two thumbs up for making the plan convenient for home use.

Even with a great program like this one, traveling to the gym is the perfect excuse for many.  Some days I don’t have time in my schedule to make it to the gym, so having an “at home” option is killer.  It definitely makes it super easy to fit into my busy schedule.

3. Mike Chang was an ordinary guy who got himself into great shape.

Just like any “rags to riches” type of story, Mike Change “made it”!  He focused on fitness vs. wealth…  I have a feeling he is doing okay though in that category too.  He also took the time to qualify himself with his credentials which is more important than most people give credit for.  Think about it… how many people are in the gym that might even “look good” but just read a bunch of back issues of Mens Health or Ripped magazine.  Mike Chang is the real deal, 100% legit not just with the ripped abs to prove it but with credentials to back it up.

4. The plan eliminates long, boring cardio.

Most people don’t know that while cardio training does burn some fat, it also burns muscle. The goal is to retain the muscle and burn the fat. Six Pack Shortcuts accomplishes this and more.  I don’t know about you but being the “hamster on the wheel” and doing cardio for hours makes zero sense to me!  I want muscles, abs and to be ripped.  Mike does this totally without any of that boring “hours and hours” of cardio.


What I Didn’t Like About Six Pack Shortcuts

There was nothing scientifically wrong with the training program. However, it was not as diverse as I would have liked, and the presentation was a little long.  Here are three things I would personally tell Mike Chang to work on or make better.

1. Add a section of the workout specifically for women!

Women desire a flat, well-defined tummy on themselves as well as their guy. It would be great to have a few female testimonials for the next video.  I have a girlfriend who looks great but doesn’t have as much muscle tone as I would like.  Trying to find a program she can really get into is proving somewhat challenging.  I have taken her to the gym but she slows me down and workouts take twice as long!  I would really like to give her a program she can relate to and get into.

2. I felt the video was a little too scientific for the average person.

This might be good for some people but at this point I just want to be shown what works so I can get started on getting ripped!  I didn’t really need all the science behind it to know it was good information, plus with all the testimonials and before/after shots I already knows it works, you just have to commit to the program.  Science stuff is great for the right person – I just didn’t need it!

3. The information was great but could be confusing.

There were times in the program where I felt like there was information overload.  Mike Chang definitely brings the knowledge and I don’t think anyone could argue that he doesn’t know his “stuff”.  There were times where I was a little confused/overwhelmed with all the information and just felt like I needed the “what to do now” information instead.

Five Bad Ass Pros of Six Pack Shortcuts

fitness-image1. Time to finally say goodbye to exercise boredom.

This one is HUGE for me…  I was getting super bored in the gym to the point where I didn’t even want to go.  Now I look forward to it!

2. The program debunks typical fitness myths.
Ever felt like there was a “secret” to getting in great shape?  If I only learned one thing from this program it was this – that I was doing it all wrong before!

3. Mike tells the truth about dieting and supplements.
It is so damn hard to find the truth in all the noise around what to eat, how to eat and when to eat.  Plus every day I’m getting advertisements for the “next great” NO2 booster or whatever…  Mike cuts through all this noise!  You don’t have to go anywhere else…

4. The results are very realistic.

Real people are getting real results with this program.  I am seeing great results in a very short time frame, it is exactly what I need to stay motivated to continue.

5. Normal people can get amazing results fast.

Look… no one wants to workout for months and then see a vein start to pop or a hint of muscle definition!  This program is designed to shred fat fast… and build muscle at the same time.  The end result is you get muscles and definition that you can see.  Attacking from both angles is what makes it work so damn fast!

Cons of Six Pack Shortcuts

It doesn’t cover all the great benefits of high intensity training – They do cover all the basics though.  I researched HIIT (high intensity interval training) in more detail once I learned about it from Mike and after discovering all the benefits I think it would be beneficial to focus more on this.

It relies on being motivated by more than girls and aesthetics – To really make a huge long term difference in your physique you need to have an internal drive.  I have the girl now and am starting to look pretty damn good in the mirror (g/f confirms this daily).  I’m starting to realize that your inner drive needs to be strong  to stick with it through time, long term.

It seems to appeal to more athletically based clients – I feel like I am fairly athletic so it made sense to me… I brought a friend from work to the gym and he was like “What the hell!!!” with some of the exercises.  I have drug him back a few times and he is starting to get it.  Starting out it was challenging for him.

Final Thoughts And My Recommendation

Six Pack Shortcuts is designed for adults age 18 to 50. The testimonial leads the audience to believe this product is intended for men only. However, women would greatly benefit from the plan. It would specifically appeal to athletes and those motivated by high intensity training and competition.

Conversely, it is probably not for those who hate exercise or looking for a quick fix like a magic pill. It would not appeal to those who do not thrive on competition or are severely overweight. Overall, it is an amazing system that promotes wellness and produces tremendous results. I give it my highest recommendation.

More here on youtube.

Six Pack Shortcuts
Reviewed by Rick Ferguson
Rating: 4.9