The Dolphins Started Training Camp Yesterday


The Dolphins started training camp yesterday. So far Tannyboy and Wallace haven’t connected on a long TD bomb so everyone’s already started to shit out fried tilapia. It’s Day Two, folks. I’m more worried about Dion Jordan looking less buff than Montell Jordan BUT DAS JUST ME.

Give us your impressions thus far in the comments.

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  1. LoRyder says:

    Expression on guy’s face at far right is priceless! Great ‘shop from @dolfan565!

  2. dolfan565 says:

    You mean that Mike Dee lookin’ sonofabitch?

  3. Tom-Ass says:

    Mike Dee sour puss photo bomb rocks!

    And it appears Hartline is allergic to kittehs, judging by his redness.

  4. Tom-Ass says:

    And another thing, Dion Jordan in the #95 jersey looks like anorexic Tim Bowens.

    Better start eating some goddamn snacks, skippy!

  5. Jimmy says:

    Sign my pussy, pussy.

    My initial impressions are that I am sure this is the year we win the Super Bowl. Its the logo.

  6. charlie says:

    was at Training camp today They looked good overall,liek to see more long bombs caught by Wallace though.

    also have photos, do you pay for any photo use on this site??

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