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The Magic of Making Up is a program designed to benefit couples on every level of relationship. Whether dating, engaged or married, The Magic of Making Up provides effective tools of communication to restore love and commitment despite the circumstance.

Benefits of The Magic of Making Up

There are keys to repairing relationships. Typical responses empower the offended party and drive them further from the relationship. However, the benefits of this program provide simple but effective principles to restore harmony.

  • Breakups are never one sided. This program incorporates self-examination principles as part of the restoration process.
  • It is a long term plan for success.
  • The Magic of Making Up proves the power of effective communication.
  • The plan proves that the apology is not always the most beneficial road to restoration.
  • The Magic of Making Up develops self-confidence and personal growth.

Save Your Relationship Today!

What I Like About The Magic of Making Up

Most breakups are the result of little things that become large. Communication is never learned. If the couple remains, tolerance is the glue that loosely holds the relationship together.

  • The Magic of Making Up places emphasis on the art of communication.
  • The plan uses means that appear to be unconventional. However, providing space, releasing control and related suggestions are foundational to repair.
  • It also reinforces the value of pursuing restoration.
  • The Magic of Making Up connects with its audience through empathy and identifies typical responses associated with breakups.
  • It provides immediate results through personal enrichment.

What I Didn’t Like About The Magic of Making Up

This is a great program that incorporates effective communication as its primary ingredient for success. I felt the presentation did not provide enough information regarding reasons for failed relationships.

  • I would like TW Jackson to provide a little more information regarding his personal credentials.
  • I did not care for the “T-Dub” moniker.
  • Mr. Jackson identifies with the everyday individual. However, I would like to see more confidence in his communication. He has a great program.

Pros of The Magic of Making Up

  • It is refreshing to see a male emphasis regarding the importance of relationships.
  • The Magic of Making Up provides accurate information regarding human psychology and reasons for program success.
  • The plan is designed for every level of relationship.
  • It focuses on the importance of self-improvement.
  • It gives hope to the most hopeless circumstances by utilizing the power of humility and forgiveness.

Cons of The Magic of Making Up

  • The plan provides a little more information regarding the specific actions in the steps to repair. A brief overview arouses curiosity.
  • It gives more stories than needed.
  • The author needs to communicate more clearly to the intended audience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I liked the program. It uses the most practical tools of communication to repair relationships. Overcoming adversity provides opportunity for learning and personal growth. The strength of relationship should not be defined by times of peace and happiness. Love is easy during times of peace. True strength and love is measured under the weight of conflict and will quickly affirm genuine commitment or expose shallow infatuation.

Save Your Relationship Today!

The Magic Of Making Up
Reviewed by Amy Woods
Rating: 4.8