The Truth About Abs Review – Does It Deliver?

The Truth About Abs is an exercise system designed to develop abdominal muscle by burning fat throughout midsection as well as other areas of the body. The program provides long term results by implementing a full proof nutrition system as part of the training. It is the answer for many who needlessly waste time with conventional exercise machines.

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The Benefits Of The Truth About Abs


Truth About Abs has a few similarities with other ab training programs. This unique program exposes traditional training methods and addresses several foundational issues that are necessary for any successful endeavor.

  • The program works regardless of fitness level. It provides equal benefit for men, women, youth and the 40 year old novice.
  • It bypasses ineffective abdominal exercises and trains the student by utilizing the most effective means for a firm midsection.
  • The program can be done in the comfort of home.
  • The program shatters the myth of genetic disadvantage.
  • It addresses the importance of developing a mindset for success.

What I Like About The Truth About Abs


This seems to be a simple program that produces great results. There are six progressive exercises that work the abdominals in the manner they are intended to work. This is the key to functional training.

  • The program is presented using regular people.
  • The ineffectiveness of standard ab routines is presented and explained in simple terms.
  • The plan includes additional training and nutrition programs for overall fitness.
  • The program delivers much more value for the price.
  • Testimonials cover a wide demographic.

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What I Didn’t Like About The Truth About Abs


There isn’t much about the program that I did not like. It did provide great information. However, I thought it was just a little bit vague regarding the specifics of the training routine.

  • A brief comparison between this program and conventional ab exercise helps to solidify Truth About Abs.
  • Truth About Abs seems to nullify cardiovascular exercise to some degree. While cardio exercise has little benefit for rapid ab development, it is great for the heart.

The Pros of Truth About Abs


  • The program provides a long term solutions for amazing abs.
  • It provides a well-balanced nutrition program that addresses all aspects of caloric intake.
  • There is no need to wait for delivery after purchase. It is available for immediate download.
  • Students also receive tips for sustained motivation.
  • The plan also dives into the mindset necessary for success. In time, novelty wears off and training becomes work. A disciplined mind is the only protection between success and failure.

The Cons Of The Truth About Abs


  • The program needs to be priced higher. It is worth 5 times the asking price.
  • It would be great to have a little more information regarding the time commitment.
  • A strong, muscular midsection provides much more than its pleasing appearance. More information regarding health benefits would cater to an audience beset by chronic back pain and related predispositions. It would also appeal to those who desire to increase athletic performance.

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Who Is This Program For?

Truth About Abs is intended for individuals from age 18 – 50. It would also appeal to athletic adults over age 50. Fit and unfit people would definitely both benefit from The Truth About Abs. Because the program is not overly intense, it is perfect for people of both beginner and experienced fitness levels. Therefore, it would not intimidate the beginner. However, it is sufficient to challenge the experienced.

Who Is This Program Not For?


This program is not intended for the obese. It might also be a tough sale to those married to old habits. Eliminating ab crunches and similar exercises, despite minimal results, would require gradual change if possible.

My Final Thoughts And Recommendation


Overall, the program delivers on it’s promises. It addresses caloric intake, exercise and the healthy mindset. Properly mixed, these ingredients make the perfect recipe for long term success.  With that said, I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get in shape and finally be able to show off your abs at the beach!

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