Yeeeaaa…Ireland’s Totally Picking A Fat Guy

Lost in the mire of Arrrrrmando’s latest post about Ireland’s likelihood of using the franchise tag on someone this season (and, really, who the fuck knows – I doubt even Ginger SourFace Jones up there does), is this last little quote from Ireland that should scare the shit out of every Dolphins fan / not surprise them at all:

“I think there are some difference-makers,” Ireland said of the draft talent before adding he likes several offensive and defensive linemen and thinks there are good safeties available as well.

/ spends 27 minutes looking for hammer in storage closet

// does 3 lines of cocaine

/// slams hammer into nutsack as Quentin Tarantino-esque cool, retro freeze-frame launches into super funky Shuggy Otis song

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Just hang on a bit… we’ll get it sorted out.

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