Yup, Jeff Ireland Was Aware of the Airplane Banner

Honey Badger GM Jeff Ireland was interviewed at the NFL combine yesterday, and confirmed in the off-hand, douchey way that only he could, that he is indeed aware of the banner we flew over Sun Life Stadium asking Stephen Ross to fire his shitty gingery ass.

Ireland was asked if he’s heard of the local billboard with a photoshopped Peyton Manning in a Dolphins uniform on it:

“You know, the first I heard about [the billboard] was about five minutes ago,” Ireland said Thursday at the NFL Scouting Combine. “The fans were flying a banner around the last football game. They do what they want to do. So, hey.”

That’s right. And this is what we choose to do. The reason we choose to do things like fly banners calling for Jeff Ireland to get sent on his way, or put up billboards with players we think will help our team is because we think he either A.) needs to get fired or B.) needs to be pointed out in a very obvious way what our most glaring need is.

You see, the reasons fans of, say the Green Bay Packers or the New York Giants, don’t do those things is because guys like Ted Thompson and Jerry Reese draft good. They don’t overvalue picks and they generally tend to draft guys who are more awesome than, oh let’s say, Koa Misi.

This obviously comes as news to Jeff Ireland, who was apparently led to believe that the goal of all this is to turn a football team into giant pile of donkey shit, and to ask draft prospects if their moms suck dick for a living.

So, hey.

(thanks to TJ for the tip)

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