Zach Thomas Has Five Things He Wants To Share With You

Figured you’d had enough of seeing O’s face everytime you logged onto good ole FinsNation.

So, I googled “hot lady” and look who came up!

Jennifer Lopez also came up, which is counter productive of the whole thing. But, hey. GOOGLE BE SLIPPIN.

(No, I don’t think J-Lo is, or ever has been, hot. No, I don’t want to debate this in the comments.)

Anyway… we’re moving on. On to positive, fun and awesome things.

So go read Zach Thomas’ five favorite moments as a Dolphin.

Zach and his brother-in-law/brother-in-badassery, Jason Taylor, will both be going into the Dolphins Ring of Honor this Sunday.

Titties. TITTIES. I. SAY.

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Just hang on a bit… we’ll get it sorted out.

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