A #Fireland Update

But, first, good God this guy is a moron. Seriously a tattoo of your wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey??? Are you fucking kidding me? These guys deserve every single bad thing that happens to them. Disgusting idiot fanbase…

Anyway, back to our own fucked up franchise and the crusade that’s been undertaken by Tom Ass and all the contributors.

After the jump are a couple of screen grabs from the current issue of the Miami New Times featuring Tom Ass’ #Fireland design.

As you can see, it’s on Page 6 and I believe it will run for the next few issues. Great work by Tom Ass, and Jarrod (aka @dolfan565) on the great design and idea. The Dude and I had nothing to do with this effort but, man, every little bit helps in the fight against the Ginger Honeybadger. It’s clear Ross has chosen him as the person that will command about $40mil in cap space and 5 picks in the Top 100 – shit that will influence our team for the next 3-5 years depending on what deals are made – and the least we can do is express our anger towards that COMPLETELY FUCKING INSANE AND UNSOUND IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY JUDGMENT CALL BASED ON HIS HISTORY AS A SHITTY PERSON AND EVEN SHITTIER PERSONNEL EVALUATOR.

Screen grabs after the jump

Fuck Jeff Ireland.

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Kill the motor, dude. If it wasn’t for said ‘takeover’ the site would be gone. As in poof, nothing.

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