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As the news of Jeff Ireland and the Fins long-awaited divorce broke Tuesday night, and Dolphins Twitter was drenched in pure joy, two things dawned on Dat Roro Kid and I.

1.) Holy fuck! It finally fucking HAPPENED!

2.) Time to close shop on FN.

Yep, after six years of writing, blogging, venting, dick joking, winning awards, pissing off Jets fans, earning adulation, flying two banners, creating nick names, and suffering along with all of you every Sunday, it’s time to put a bow on our beloved site and say goodnight.

The Ireland departure just seemed like perfect symmetry for us. Though we never set out to be The Mouthpiece of People Disgruntled Over Jeff Ireland, we somehow became just that. We poured our frustration into comedic posts, some satirical, some just plain silly. And what eventually emerged was us being those guys that flew banners behind airplanes calling for Stephen Ross to fucking shitcan that dipshit already.

But, as our throng of dedicated fans know all too well, FN was way the hell more than that.

When we started this blog in 2007, we had no idea the Dolphins would monumentally shit the bed and would continue to do so for years to come. FN started off as a dick joke blog. A place to talk Dolphins football and shoot the shit.

But it quietly evolved into something more. It became a way station for the angry fan to share in the frustration and laugh in the face of our beloved team’s ineptitude.

We began to make noise. And our shit was loud.

From players nicknames hitting the mainstream, to Roger’s middle finger at the Jets flag (which is everywhere on the Internet now), we made noise. We started campaigns like Suck For Luck, because we knew that motherfucker was going to be a stud (and he is) and we knew that losing a few meaningless games to draft him was way more important than arbitrary fandom. Yet, at every turn, anything weird or different or out of the norm was met with scorn and disgust by those who didn’t understand.

We became the face of the “bad fan,” because we dared not be so fucking myopic.

And we made our mark. Love us, or hate us. We planted the fucking flag of discontent deep into the ground. And on that flag were balls. Giant fucking balls.

(We’re also taking credit for introducing the world to Louis CK. That dude was a virtual nobody when we started posting his bits every Sundays. Look at him now!)

We became the go-to website for discontented fans who were tired of mediocrity. Sure, we said FUCK a lot. Yes, we pissed off mainstream media people and other Fins fan sites. But we gave no fucks for this. No apologies.We held nothing back. We gave our hearts and souls to the team we loved, and we fed off the rabid thirst of our loyal readers who felt exactly the same way.

A community was born here, and it eventually spilled over onto Twitter. People that have no idea what FN is tweet meows at Brian Hartline. That started here!

Our heroes are  McCartney, Lennon, Bill Hicks, Louis CK, David Foster Wallace, Hunter S. Thompson, and the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players cast. We mashed those influences together and made dick joke stew out of it all.

And you came along for the ride.

But we weren’t just about jokes and tits. We know our shit too. The players we called for Miami to draft — and inevitably were not — have pretty much all flourished wherever else they were drafted. Our game previews, while stuffed with ass jokes and boobie pics, were filled with real football analysis.

We wanted to make it OK to be intelligent and the class clown at the same time. This is football. It’s supposed to be fun!

I owe pretty much everything I am to FN.

My friendship with Roger was born out of a desire to work with him. Here was a kindred spirit, a guy who got me, a guy who had the same twisted humor as me, and a guy who loved the same music as I did, the same books, the same films, the same TV shows. We’re friends and brothers for life. And FN gave me that.

FN also opened doors for me professionally. The New Times found me here, and I’ve worked for them ever since. I’ve also written for other outlets, such as Deadspin, Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, and others, thanks to this site giving me the voice and the place to experiment with my craft.

Shit, FN is even where I met my girlfriend. I met her here! She started as a reader of mine! This gives so much hope to all bloggers currently living and writing in their mother’s basements, doesn’t it?

Mostly though, FN gave me you, dear reader. No one asked you to keep coming here on a daily basis to read our goofy shit. But you did. You actually found us entertaining.  You sent us fan mail. That shit was bananas!

And Roger and I are always perplexed and blown away anytime we meet one of you in person. The outpouring of gratitude you show us, the expression of thanks for being your mouthpiece, like we’re the fucking Beatles of Dolphins Blogs.

And it was an honor being your mouthpiece, Nation.

An absolute honor.

But, alas. All things must pass.

We seemed to hit our peak with the first banner, and then the second.

We brought down the ire of the so-called experts. Omar Kelly, Ben Volin, Kim Bokamper, and others like them. We even got shit from The Phinsider.   They all thought we were just dopey fans doing dopey shit. They either never bothered to read between the lines, or they just hated us because we put a dent in their readership.

But what our critics even now never understood was what we — all of us — have always been about an expression of dissatisfaction.

No one here actually believes Ross fired Ireland because of our banners. THAT WAS NEVER THE FUCKING POINT, YOU FUCKING DILDOS.

The point was to make some fucking noise. To rattle the cages. To be rabble rousers and trouble makers. To be the voice to the voice-less. People were pissed off at Ireland and at Ross for keeping him around for so long. The banners were a symbol — nothing more. A symbol of our discontent.

It was loud, it was brash, it was foolish, it was tacky, it was bold. It was fucking hilarious. And it got people’s attention. It got people talking. It got written up on Jeff Ireland’s Wikipedia page (we’re all forever linked with that shitheel).

While other news outlets and fan blogs and high-minded fans were busy bending over to blind loyalty to the Dolphins, taking a paddling to the ass from Jeff Ireland and asking for more, we were the crazy frat house next door with the booze, and the parties, and the pot smoke, and the tomfoolery.

We were fucking Delta House to their Omegas.

And that was the Goddamn point. We made noise and we made it count.

Fuck you with a frozen chicken if you don’t understand that.

And that, dear friends, has been the whole point of this here blog.

What happens to the Dolphins from here on out is, as it has always been, in the hands of the football fates.

As for us, we just want to say we love you. And thank you.

Carry on, dear friends.

The dream is over….


-The Dude

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I just want to say thank you for always being what you said…a mouthpiece for the discontent. It was always a pleasure coming here to laugh, shoot the shit, get actual analysis and become -in my mind- the first chocalate lady of FN (Hi Gersom)! I’m gonna miss it here even though I haven’t posted in awhile, I was always lurking in the shadows (insert creepy reference here). It was awesome meeting the FN Army in person and that shit will go down as one of the highlights of my life (and Momma Phin’s too). I wish you guys luck on the next level and am gonna bookmark this page and fondly look back even when it displays as the ghost of FN past. Love you guys and i’ll be following on Twitter and FB.

LP OUT!!! : )

There is a nice warm seat right next to MiamiSportsDude in the South Florida blogging Hall of Fame. It’s been a pleasure following your work from the beginning and looking forward to continue reading all your work on the innerwebs.

Read your blog for 4 years! (Man time flies!) Loved it here and although it was predominately for dudes with your vulgarity and naked chicks on fridays, you were still welcoming and let me have a piece of the fun!

I’ve made a lot of real life friends here – including the writers! Always believed and loved you guys! Thanks for the laughs!

Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure! Not only were you a voice for my personal fan frustration, but you opened doors to real friendships. In the time I’ve been reading this blog, I’ve actually moved from Virginia to south Florida. Through Fins Nation and the readers who moved over to Twitter, I’ve made real-life friends, went to Tweet-ups, met both The Dude and Dat RoRo Kid in person and did shots of whiskey with you. My wife loved reading your posts and enjoyed sharing this ride with all of us. You’ve been a big part of both of our lives through this whole crazy ride. Be well and wishing you both continued success in your future journeys.

Stumbled upon the blog about 4 years ago and never went back to The Phinsider. The posts weren’t bad, but the comments and fans there just sucked for the most part. Zombies, as they’ve been referred to on this blog. I hope to keep the followership going via Twitter and keeping the interaction going. Thanks to this blog, probably 75% of my Twitter followers (and those I’m following) are FN Fins fans… which is a real bitch when it comes to the Heat tweets because I don’t really care for the NBA anymore. LOL

Thanks for the laughs, Dude and DRK. In TRAOG we trust.


Really just a huge thank you to you guys. Very bittersweet to see this end. This website was one of the few things that made the last 5-6 years of watching this shitstorm of a team bearable. All the best!!

Yeah Home said, it was awe right

Would give u a lil pat on the back, but u already took car of that


……. Reach Out & Jerk Me OFF!


Damn, can’t believe it’s all ending. I guess all good things really do. You guys and this page were one of the fews things that made this Dolphins fandom of ours bearable through #7-9Forever. So many good times had, so many people laying awake at night pouting and cursing your names. You helped define and mold a generation of fans. People that will refer to poor performances as a pile of orangutan shit. Thanks for all the fun, and well see you in the New Times, and probably beyond.

Will look for an occasional article by u Dudes in the south Florida local New Times after a look at the pretty pics of the prostitutes that cum to u in the back 6 pages of the rag

Best of luck, Dudes!


The Dude abides….
I will miss all the interaction, the comments, the jokes, commeraderie, hell just everything. I guess I’ll mostly miss the online affair with Lady Phin. So much fun. Everyone here ROCKS!!! I’ll keep followjng you at the New Times and Twitter.

Love you guys!!!


You’ll always be my favorite online lover! (cue “Secret Lover’s” by Atlantic Starr) : )


Much love to Chris & Roger for all the FN snarks & shenanigans over the years. Good times!

And the legend of Matt Roth & Greg Camarillo’s blind date will live on in infamy.

Here’s to hoping the shithead powers that be “get it” and act accordingly.




Greg Camarillo and the 1-15 season are what forged this common bond amongst us on Finsnation. At least that was the way I remember it.

“Now yer thinkin’ with yer dipstick….Jimmy” [whip sound]

And it was the Golden God WR known as Cigarillo that saved us from a perfectly defeated season.

Cam Cameron is still dickless & Nick Satan can still die in a fire.

Unleashing of the Wildcat on Pats also a favorite post. So much joy…

OC for the Carolina Panthers is ….. Mike Shula

….. just saying

How bout we load up here

Fire coach Baldy and the rest

Hire Dan Marino as GM, Mike Shula as HC and Jason Taylor as a defensive assistant & DE/ LB coach

Draft Johnny Football

Let’s have some fun

Marino, Shula, Taylor and Johnny Football ;)= 2014

have a HAARPy day

I remember my first time finding FinsNation..I had no idea what twitter was and wasnt on facebook..I think I was just looking for porn on google…and I came across “The Dude” and something called a “DatroroKid” and It was the greatest Dolphins related thing I has ever read…I became a commenter for the first time on a blog..I joined twitter because of FinsNation and Chris was my first follower….I made fun of Roger’s taste in women..I argued with people..and It was a blast…I will miss this place….

“Not all that glitters is Gold and not all of those who wander are lost”

Gentleman if ever there was a time for a 1980’s golf clap today is that day. Thank you for providing a place to make being a dolphins fan bearable. I wish i would have made some of the meet ups but alas i live in the far western part of Canada. I will miss this place and all who commented here, some of you were almost as funny as the Dude and Dat Roro Kid.

Chris, Roger you have my thanks. Good Luck and good fortune in your future endeavors.

Thank you for giving me laughter during some bad/mediocre(but still bad) Dolphins seasons. The Ireland era sucked, but at least we had FinsNation!

And as a New York born Dolphins fan (I know right, I must be a masochist for becoming a Dolphins fan over the Giants. But they were good with Marino when I was a kid in the 90s!) it was always good to have the Middle Finger Jets flag picture to enjoy.

Thanks DRK and The Dude. It has been a lot of fun. This old gray haired lawyer made his first electronic friends, or friends electronically on this blog. I went to my first and still only Dolphins’ game in Miami thanks to this blog and my wife got hit in the face with a football at that game. I think I got drunk at the game, but that was not for the first time.

Thanks to all the wacky commentators. You guys were great. We’ll always have Paris, or Twitter.

shakes angry fist at cloud, shits on a turtle or a lobster.

Today is definitely a sad day.much like Jimmy, FN was the enabling factor that took me to my first Dolphins home game, and gave me the opportunity to meet many great people that have called this blog home for many years. I hate to see the torch go out, but if your going to go out, might as well go out on top! Thank you The Dude and DatRoroKid for the many great memories! Thank you Tom-ass, Jimmy, CKParrot, LadyPhin, Phins2Win, and the countless others that I have met along the way and now call friends. Best of luck my friends… and always keep a bag of dicks close by…. you never know when you will see a jests fan!

Thanks everyone!

Not much I can really add to here other than what Chris put so eloquently!! As usual, Chris has such a tremendous gift with words and conveying thoughts in a way that absolutely continues to draw us in and warm us during even the coldest winters of Dolphins discontent. I want to publicly thank Chris for letting me join the Quarry Men that day when I stumbled up to watch the skiffle group of FinsNation. Our partnership here and our continued friendship is something I can’t even put into words. It’s not even a ‘bromance’ in the conventional sense; I have so much love, respect and admiration for this guy as a friend, brother and – above all – a father that it’s hard for my feeble vocabulary to properly string the words together.

I REALLY loved that he gave a hat tip to our influences – people we proudly wore on our sleeves and tried not to embarrass too much – and that he delineated what FN was TRULY all about: it was a vehicle, an instrument for us to express a certain type of frustration, celebrate our WINNING FUCKING ATTITUDES, have a little fun along the way and express our tremendous fondness for boobs from time to time. From ALL the dialogue jokes Chris would do featuring the players, coaches and front office to Existential Sparano to Omar Kelly Super Secret Decoded Messages to the JR Tolver Award to all the Ireland stuff and so many of the things we posted (my Keys and Chris’ always incredible recaps) – it’s been an incredible blast and we are EXTREMELY lucky to have had such marvelously funny, knowledgeable and attractive readers!

It’s no secret FN was kinda running on fumes the last year so we wanted to go out properly and thank all of you. This has been such fascinating and fun chapter in my life and you’re all a huge part of it – and I’m sure you’ll continue to be on Twitter or whatever the next telepathic, mind-meld technology where I can seamlessy masturbate AND read Dolphins news will develop in the future!

Everybody had a hard year / Everybody had a good time / Everybody had a wet dream / Everybody saw the sun shine


As a life-long Dolphin fan living in the Patriots back yard and then west, I have endured much torture and suffering with very little fin fan companionship. I cant shake loving the team and the hope that we will all get us some sweet redemption. I am 40 and I have been waiting for that redemption for 29 years and counting.

Needless to say, this blog was a God send. After scoping blogs for years I couldn’t believe the intelligent insight and wit (with occasional tits) that floated around what appeared to be a relatively small community. I had hoped to go to a future FinsNation tailgate. Oh well. This blog made being a Dolphin fan less shitty. Thank you all.

Where am I to go for Dolphin related shenanigans? This is gonna leave a huge void in my soul! Anyhow you guys had a good run. Are you sure you don’t want to repurpose this blog to follow Jeff Ireland into his next job in order to get him fired? Think about it… sleep on it at least

I’m most definitely going to miss everyone and especially this site thanxxx to DRK & the Dude.. Just in case you have a change of mind, will you at least think about at least a wait and see approach and see who will be the next GM or HC? I know that you guys both have more important priorities and other more urgent matters in your life.. I’ll miss going to this site to read some funny butt crack die laughing jokes about the hated Jets, Brady bunch, Ireland, Sparano, bla, bla, bla.

Even though I am somewhat of a newcomer to the site I appreciate all the hard work you guys put in and been a good time reading your blogs. Its also been awesome getting to interact with you all on twitter, which will undoubtedly continue. Best of luck in all and Go Fins!!!

Question though, is there ANY other site or whatever where you jerks are going to post things you write about the Fins? I do not do Twitter… And now that you guys are (officially) gone, what sites does that leave guys like me who are bored at work, looking for well-written articles on my shitty team? Besides the occasional article by Greg Cote on the Herald, I really don’t particularly care for any of these other sites or blogs. Omar’s nonsense is passable when I’m desperate enough, but most others are about as useful as staring at Armando Seguero’s stupid smiling face when I force myself to read his stupid asshole blogs. Ugh.

Oh well, anyway. I’ve been passing through since ’08, and yes, I concur with ALL the very nice and loving things that have been said by other readers already.

Good luck and god speed, folks! And Go Phins… even though we suck. (See, you totally should have had one last “Victory Monday” post after we beat the Patriots a few weeks ago, I knew we were gonna fucking lose the next 2 and ruin it!)

It’s been quite a ride. Thank you, The Dude and DRK! You guys rock. Even though I only got to write three times or so, I was an avid reader ever since The Fins Nation was born. The open threads on Sundays, and the Friday pics, will certainly be missed. Best wishes from this three-and-a-half-decade Dolphins fan in Mexico. You guys served us well. ¡Muchas gracias!

I’ll never forget first venturing here, after that thunderous collapse vs The Texans (who for some shitty reason have beaten us us all eleventeen times they played us) back in what…08′..? The game where Hou converted like five fourth downs on their game winning drive.
Not sure how I’d have ever learned to cope with loss without this site’s influence. EVERY other Phin site said I was a dickhead for “telling it like it was”…but not here.

I hate to see this thing leave…but I love to watch it go.

May the drafting of Ted Ginn, Jason Allen, and Jared Odrick forever resonate in the bowels of our nightmares—–

I, honestly, hadn’t checked on the blog for a while as I hadn’t seen much going on here lately. So, to my surprise, while scrolling on my facebook, I see something about the demise of FinsNation. At that point, it became a little difficult to read as my vision got blurry for some damn reason. (Must be old age). I know I didn’t interact often on the blog, but I did speak with you guys on Twitter often, at least before I took a hiatus (code for “too busy to fuck with Twitter”) from it. I wish you all the best, writers and readers alike. At least I can keep up with you, Dude and DRK, by the other outlets for which you are writing. Also, through facebook, at least for those that add me *glares at DRK*. It was a fun time, especially for a blog I found totally by accident.

Dju guys arrr dee best! Holy shit is this really over? Has it been that long since I found this site and felt like I had a place at the bar next to the tap where the waitress with the massive chupas in a corset keeps bending over to get ice!?
Man, it has seriously been great and I will never forget meeting most of you at the Christmas food drive in Hallandale Beach. Imagine that, the Delta House drinking for a cause. Goes to show the character of the people associated with this blog.

Keep it grimy like the Pork and Beans Dude and DRK. I’ll catch ya’ll at the next Fins game with a big middle finger up the Jests and the Patsies ass!

Sorry to see you go! Will miss the shit out of most of you crazy people!! maybe we will cross paths again!! until then…..

I would normally want to tell you all how much I will miss you, but I know that you all will return into my life in future incarnations; whether it be in other Phin-related blogs (anyone? anyone? Beuler?) or as my mother in my next life whom I suckle upon or as the gnat upon my ass as I think about the profound impact this site has had on this meager life as a spiritual leader.

Certainly, it has allowed the bitter, biting inner emotions of so many close losses and nail-biting Sundays to be channeled into a constructive outlet. Even a surrealistic incarnation of a living god like me has a rough time with that shit every damn week. Everybody knows feeling shitty after a loss sucks…and Buddha-knows the wife ain’t cool with Big Papa Lama being grumpy after a game. Perusing through this place was enough to dull the senses enough to make it through the rest of the day.

And, good to know there are other people with brains enough to rationalize getting so worked up over images on the TV screen (or hundreds of feet away on the field below, watching the blood flow from my nose as I reach my seat). I’m gonna have to find a new outlet for material I use to convince myself and my boy from watching some other team. I’ve always said I can stop watching the Phins once they win a championship. At this rate, it’ll be a few more lifetimes.

So therefore, I’m not really sad, but instead, happy! Happy because I get to meet you all again on the next blog that grows from the seeds of discontent, or in the next holographic-chat-what-ever-it’ll-be-called in the future of another lifetime or two. Because those ideas you planted here, ideas that we don’t have to be blindly let by the ego-inflated mainstream local rags, they grow like kudzu, Florida holly and blackberry vines all put together and they are hard to get out of the soil once they are sewn. I think of you boys as the Johnny Appleseed of transparent and brutally honest sports fans. You are known as the harbor of pissed off fans because there was nothing to be happy about! There was only shit to be pissed off at! I only wish we were winning Super Bowls ’cause y’all would have been the coolest happy-fans around. Well, at least there would have been more Victory Monday tits…a monks got to get it where he can get it! Am I right or am I right?!?! All I know is those “cool” guys over at the “paid” gigs at the newspapers definitely read blogs now, just in case they didn’t before y’all.

Anyway, thanks moderators, commenters and readers. You have all given me multiple monk-robe boner-tipis in blissful rapture over the years. Thank you for the banners that said people care. Thank you for tits, although I don’t think you invented them. Thank you for Montel Pussyhammer. Thank you for that hot-ass cheerleader that probably got REALLY weirded out by all the attention and focus. Thank you for noticing chancletas on Dansby. Thank you for causing me to have a slight schizophrenic breakdown that causes me 2-3 times a week to wear a night-gown, a handle-bar mustache drawn on my face with a sharpie and a yellow sash around my chest banging pots & pans around the yard chanting “We Didn’t Stop Tim Tebow” in pig-latin. (Yeah…the neighbors love that one.) Thank you for closing up shop proper and saying goodbye. Thank you for the laughs and the real insight.

And most of all, thank you for allowing the Buddha inside me to unconditionally love the Buddhas inside you all and all other sentient beings in the universe.

Except Jets fans. Fuck those guys.

Seriously…fuck those guys.

Go Phins.

Hey dere. Sad ta see ya go, guys. That was a nice run, k?

But you bastards ran me outta town, so fuck you.

[fist pump!!!!! – complete over-reaction to an inconsequential event]

Much love to all. I like to think given our common love/hate of our team, we’ll end up together again somewhere. I mean who else can relate to the ZGJFs we all deal with?

/fist pumps
//shits on a turtle

Wait what?

I thought this was a website to look at hot girls and boobs!! Your telling me this whole time this was a Dolphins website? Holy shit… I love the Dolphins (even though they don’t seem to give a shit about us)…

That said, Thank you gentleman.. you did a fine job with this site.. you truly caught the zeitgeist of a generation of south floridians, even for those of us have grown up and moved out of state.. This blog still fucking rocked and unity the dolphins fans that just get it.
Lets all hope the next GM watches some Ricky Williams, Marino, Shula, Perfect Season highlight clips on youtube and realizes how bad ass this franchise is. For christ fucking sake, our colors are AQUA AND ORANGE! AQUA and ORANGE!… Yeah, I know.. That’s how fucking awesome we are!

For fuck’s sake – what’s wrong with you people refusing to get on Twitter?

I too was resistant until I finally caved in Aug 2010. Now I don’t know why I was such a resistant-to-change dumbass.


First time I’ve posted on this site. I’m a reader, not a writer.

I was in Iraq with the Army in 2007-2008. With the time difference and continuous missions, I was unable to watch the Dolphins games. So, I would search different South Florida sports pages and NFL sites on the internet to read reactions to each loss that year. Finally, near the end of the year, Greg Camarillo caught the pass against the Ravens in OT to save the Miami Dolphins from sharing the fate as the ’76 Buccaneers. It was soon after that game that I found this site.

Since this site began, I had only spent the 2008 football season in the US (until this season). I thought this was going to be a good year. I had intent to go to a game with a FN gathering. Instead, I watched the everlasting drama that was “Days of Our Dolphins”, ugly losses to finish the season, an 8-8 result, the Patriots in the AFC championship with Tom Brady and “The Replacements”…all while FN was comatose throughout the season.

It has been a miserable decade for Miami Dolphins football. Hard to believe it has been that long since this cycle of less than mediocre football began. Aside from 2008 (11-5) and this season (8-8), every team Miami fielded finished below .500, so this site was the most appropriate because it acknowledged the realities about this team. I was tired of reading the spin from other sites after each loss, each off-season and even after each win (yeah, so many ugly wins not worthy of gloating). This site kept it real and voiced the frustration of the fans because, as the dude from The Big Lebowski would have said, “the glass has been half-f’n empty, man!”

Hate to see it end, but it was time to pull the plug. You guys have jobs, responsibilities and stuff, so thanks for entertaining us through some difficult years as Dolphins fans. Good luck to both of you. The bright side…I think next season Miami’s offense will finally average more than 20 points a game and the defense will relearn how to stop the run. Go Dolphins.

Thank you for your service sikk21. We have all suffered the past decade as our source of pride in the sporting world has gone to shit thanks to mismanagement and crappy ownership allowing mismanagement to occur. I would love to say we’re on the road to recovery, but our owner is in China while the team continues to burn like a dumpster fire full of tires.

Damn just got around to this. Thanks for making the past years a little less difficult, and a little more filled with pics of tits and the constant dick jokes. You will be missed. All the best

Yes, even I am sad to see you go. For a few years there I couldn’t go a day without checking out the crazy shit and consistent middle finger to the man. But every good thing gets stale after some time so at least your going out on top. I do wish though that instead of all the complaining about drafting OT ‘s that we actually DID draft some decent ones.
Even I’m in agreement that the ginger man had to go. Doesn’t even matter how Hickey does, it was the point that it does not matter the man, what matters is results. I do think that the banners had more of an impact than you admit too, at least the first banner!

Okay after the fish enjoy their 3rd losing season under Philbin and Tanneeehill
We finally blow it up completely

2015 GM Marino, Head Coach Mike Shula and Jason Taylor as assistant defensive coach – LBs DEs


start the 2015 rebuild

Decker prob goes to the Patriots in 2014 FA
Pats win the division, . . . Again

Watch Carolina Panthers on a probable Playoff – – – Superbowl run

Enjoy the season 🙂

Just wanted to stop by and say good job, and thanks. I trailed off quite a while ago when the site started requiring a log in, and things got more complicated, you were a bit distracted with a real job…and so it goes.

But this was an original, that’s for sure. Comedic gold. And as you said, very real stuff under all the camp. I did give you a hard time once about the sexism, but, it still remains as a quality piece of work, overall. Good luck and good night.

Never thought much of Ryan Timothy Tannehill being successful at the QB position in the NFL

go figure Miami signs him instead of Kuechly

6 completions or 36 attempts to the NFL’s most expensive WR is all Tannehill completed when the former WR, now QB Tannehill attempted while throwing passes of 20 YDs and beyond to WR Mike Wallace

In 2014 Mike Wallace is in fact the most expensive WR in the NFL and the 14th highest paid player in the NFL
QB Tannehill is the worst rated deep ball passer of any starting 2013 NFL QB

We are def keeping and starting Mike Wallace this season
After all Wallace is getting paid over $17,000,000.00 to play 16 games of football

Why are the Dolphins starting Tannehill, again ?!

Johnny Manziel movie to be hitting the theater soon, starring Sean Penn

I mean seriously
Home himself casts Sean Penn as a dead ringer for Johnny Football

Please Wake Up Sheeple
South Florida has been hit so hard w “expanding line clouds” biggest, most obvious ever today
Chemtrails everywhere today, . . . . HUGE !

Now u Know what Home was talkin about for the past 5 years

Amazing the Sheeple r so blind


When one falls off the horse, one must get back on. Bring it back! There’s no time for quitting now, the good years are ahead.

“The Beginning of the End”

2014 Miami Dolphin Home Opener

Be there in person for the Dolphin follies and laughs

Tannehill’s final season in Miami (Thank God)

Go Fish!

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