Dolphins at Browns Open Thread

And here we goooooo

Year Two of the Tannehill/Philbin/DearGodWhyIsIrelandStillInCharge?? kicks off today in Cleveland.

The Browns are pretty much the Dolphins, except in a shittier town. Also, with shittier helmets. And shittier people, in general.

But, otherwise, yea… so today’s game ought to be a fucking delight!

As per usual, feel free to leave your in-game and post-game thoughts and feelings here in the comments.

Now that the season is official, DRK and I will be all up in this shit talking and writing about the Fins with more frequency [:::farrrrrt::]

Okay then. Let’s fucking do this!

21 replies on “Dolphins at Browns Open Thread”

Fire Sherman he is a fucking moron. Why spend 60mil on a speed guy then NEVER go deep. Sherman is the problem right now.

Good game overall by Tannehill and his receivers and even Clay at TE was nice. D was sensational mostly and hammered Weeden all game. Do that to Brady and he’ll be crying by halftime.

Run game was fucking awful. Line is horrendous and our leading RB couldnt even average 1 yard a carry. Has anyone ever seen a RB run so upright in the NFL? Daniel Thomas just looks so horrible when running. Lamar Miller I think its safe to say is not the next coming of Barry Sanders.

Anyone notice Reggie Bush knocked off nearly 200 yards of offense and a td?

Calm down about the RB’s. That line is the problem, not who is carrying the ball. Every single time they got the handoff there was a guy immediately in their face. Does anyone really think Bush would have fared better running the ball behind that disaster of a line? We’d better hope this line jells quickly or Ryan is going to get killed one of these days…..

That Dline is nasty, it will be hard for any team to score a lot on us this year, but we have to be able to put up more points.

Well I think it was a decent win, not the prettiest of things but we got it done. I think our defense is pretty legit and our running game is pure shit. It only gets harder from here.

First win in a season opener in a LONG fucking time. I’ll take it any way I can get it. Our defense looked tight as shit, our O-line started decent I think in the 1st quarter, and then from then on they just decided to stop blocking it seems.
The $8million Chipmunk look alike Cat Porn Watcher Hartline has now officially matched last season’s touchdown production in the first game of the season. 1.
And Wallace is now wondering if he made the right decision in coming to South Beach. No worry Wallace, you will get your looks, just gotta keep Tanny upright for longer than .8 seconds. Aaaand I just picked up Sturgis in my FF League…Championship!
Dimitri Patterson? Dimitri Fucking Patterson!

I have many thoughts, and some of them are not about sex. The O line is atrocious. How can a GM be good at picking D lineman and suck thoroughly at picking O linemen? The run game should do better against a weaker defense next week.

Wallace also will do better next week when he runs down VD (call your grandma now Vontae cause you are getting taken deep next week). Hartline definitely looked better now that DRK called out his pussy loving ass. Or, it might have something to do with having a dangerous receiver on the other side. Gibson is fine. And, Egnew, wow what an improvement. He got to dress and be “active.” I have high expectations for him to maybe catch a pass this year in a real game.

The D should be good, but I need to seem them against a real team and not one whose offense might be worse than ours.

Still, Fins up. If by some absolute aberration we go 3-2 in the first 5, I am committing to buying some new gear. Whale tails up.

First there was no Victory Monday.

Then there was no Victory Tuesday.

Now, here we are at Wednesday… with still no titties celebrating the season opening everything is rainbows and unicorns Cameron Wake is a ridiculous beast victory?

/sad trombone

If I have to listen to this cock sucking announcer tell me how fucking good Geno Smith is any longer Im going to shut this game off.

Maybe its my bourbon colored glasses but I am seeing some cracks in ole golden boy Brady. he seems to be slipping a bit and I think is arrogance has caught up to him.

Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding!!!! That’s it. I’m calling it. From what I have seen the past 2 games by the Pasties, I see the Dolphins winning the division this season. Yes I said it!!! The Dolphins will win the AFC East division this season!!!!

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