Dolphins at Colts Open Thread

(The most perfect bit by Louis CK EVER)


Fins at Colts

The Guy That Could Have Been Our Star Franchise Quarterback vs. The Consolation Prize Guy With a Wife People Inexplicably Find Hot.

Should be a hoot!

Will Miami go 2-0? Can they? STAY TUNED…

Bang up the comments section why dontcha….

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It is time to get rid of Mike Sherman as OC. I know he was brought in to help develop RT17, but he is a terrible in game play caller!!!

Good game
Went as planned
Had Tannehill & Luck both throwing over 300 YDs and Miami WINNING by 3 points

Pretty accurate prediction eh, Dolfans

Now the losing can start next week 😉

Go Fins !!!

Thats a great win by the Fins. Is that 1st game Luck has lost at home?

Thought Tannehill was superb again and was that a Miami TE going over 100 yards?

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