Dolphins Fall to Cowboys in Sloppy Premiere



Happy Monday, Dolphins fans!

That was a shitty start to the season but, really, what did you expect?  I mean, Michael Egnew was a featured part of the offense and we fumbled on the very first play from scrimmage.  So, yea, it was pretty crappy.

Feel free to read my recap here.

Hopefully Friday against the Jaguars goes much  much better.

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Random thoughts:

1) I have to dump. Oh, wait, these should be random FOOTBALL thoughts. Moving on…

2) Jon Martin is decent run-blocking, but Jesus, Mary & Joseph this guy sucks donkey balls in pass-pro. Philbin should have him run-block every down, regardless of the play call. Either that or take him & Dallas Thomas into surgery to make them conjoined twins. If this 600 pound, 4-armed, 4-legged OL beast can stop reserve DEs then just put Ireland on waivers now. He could have re-sign Long, but didn’t. Could have traded for Brandon “Fat” Albert, but didn’t. Could have draft LT Lane Johnson in the first round, but chose not to.

3) Dion Jordan looks legit! While we have a bleeding vagina for a LT that may get RT17 killed, so to shall other team’s QBs die when Wake, Vernon & Jordan come calling. Being able to generate a consistent pass-rush without needing to blitz is one of the biggest reasons why the Giants beat the Pasties in the Super Bowl not once, but twice.

4) Daniel Thomas still sucks

5) Egnew still has ZERO career receptions in a real game and that pouty fucking face that makes me think he’s related to Jay Cutler.

Any player with the last name of Thomas should be cut immediately.
Apart from the fumble on the very first fucking play, I like the acceleration I saw from Miller, and even Gillislee showed some spark.
I think we should sign Bumphis to a long term contract simply on virtue of his name being Bumphis. That name describes my feelings as a Dolphin fan for so many years in one word.
I also think we should sign McNutt, because hey, what other player can we cheer for while at the same time sounding like we love pornographic Value Meals from Mickey D’s?

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Just got around to reading the DRK Miami New Times ruined the pristine sheen of baseball piece. Good stuff DRK. Your writing is ready for the regular season.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Dolphins only showing on Sunday Football Night in America.

Here is my super swammy prediction: Dolphins go undefeated for the rest of the pre season. We finish 10-6 and win the divsion. We loose in the first round of the playoffs.

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