Kate upton 335

Oh hai Miami Dolphins 2012 season. Hi. Hello. How are you. You’re finally fucking here, and I’m a mess. For some reason, this has felt like the longest off-season ever. Or is it just me? Either way, WELCOME BACK!

Alright, Nation… It’s time to get irrationally stupid excited about our new-look football team (until the season inevitably crashes and burn and explodes again and then a horse pisses on the ashes and then it dry humps the ashes and then the horse is shot).

Consider this your Open Thread/Weekender for the evening. Because Kate Upton’s tits.

Also, go over to The Pulp (my new gig) and read my game preview Five Things To Look For. And then tell me how awesome I am in the comments so I can feed my children.

Enjoy the game, Nation. Have a safe and fun weekend.

GO FINS (and no injuries please!)

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