Dolphins Franchise Randy ‘Bang Bus’ Starks


The Dolphins have franchised DT Randy Starks – who famously pinned an officer against another car while partying on South Beach in 2009 and was forever known as ‘Bang Bus’ – thus taking up some of Jeff Ireland’s precious $50mil or so for free agents and incoming rookies.  Bang Bus was looking for a multi-year deal here with the Fins but Jeff Ireland instead chose to drive him around the airport in a van and let him out in a Kendall parking lot with a hearty ‘FUCK YOU’ laugh and door slam.

Starks will make an estimated $8.5mil in guaranteed money playing for the Dolphins this year and the team has roughly $37mil left in cap money to go after the Mike Wallaces’ of the world.  There’s still a chance that Starks could get a multi-year deal but it’s not likely given homie has no free agency threat leverage anymore.  Dem’s da breaks, kid!  There had been rumors the Dolphins would place the tag on Jake Long or Sean Smith but then again HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ARE YOU SERIOUS SEAN SMITH???

Our take: This is an expected and fairly smart move by the Dolphins.  Hopefully, Starks – one of the few playmakers along a mostly ‘pretty ok’ defensive line – could move to the outside and movie buff/1st round bustface, Odrick, can move to the inside along with Soliai.  Given that a lot of the pass rushers in the draft are not every exciting outside of the first 2-3 (whom will likely be gone by the time we choose at #12), making sure Bang Bus sticks around for another season AT LEAST was good horse sense.  Plus, now he has the incentive to stay healthy and play hard for another contract year.  Obviously, there was no way this would have been a smart move for Hartline, Smith or even Jake Long (2 out of 3 will likely be gone, we think).  It’s likely we’ll see Hartline getting a new contract before free agency; I don’t see the Dolphins wanting to part ways with the kid without a fight.

So, nice move keeping Starks, Jeff Ireland CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!

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