Dolphins Hopes for Andrew Luck Still Alive Question Marks Exclamation Points

Ben Volin decided that today is a good day to fuck with us all because he writes that, thanks to the Colts win over the Titans on Sunday, the Dolphins suddenly got back into the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Not cool, Ben Volin. Not. Cool.

Volin does do a pretty fantastic job of breaking down the draft scenarios, where we stand now, where we’ll likely be once the season ends, and how our five wins and counting are totally shoving a cock in our ear:

So Luck is back in play – for now at least. If you’re a Dolphins fan, you need to root your little heart out this weekend for the Colts. And develop an intense hatred of the Rams and Vikings


Outlook: Because of the second tiebreaker (conference record), the Dolphins (4-6 in AFC) currently pick ahead of Washington (5-5 in NFC), which is crucial because the Redskins will definitely be in the market for a quarterback in the draft. However, the Dolphins’ closing schedule is much tougher than the Redskins’, and they ultimately will lose the strength of schedule tiebreaker to Washington, if it comes down to that. Regardless, the Dolphins will still probably need to trade up to one of the top-4 spots if they want to ensure that they get one of the top QB prospects.

Since this whole Fire Jeff Ireland banner fiasco, I’ve been asked a few times if my opinion of the Honey Badger GM will change should he take the leap and trade up to draft Luck. The short answer to that is “Oh shit yes it will.” The longer answer is, “There’s no fucking way Jeff Ireland trades up because he overvalues draft picks and also he’s a giant pussy Honey Badger GM so there’s no chance of that happening.”

But staying put and not trading up for Andrew Luck is the right move. Those future middle-of-the-first-round picks and third rounders are an invaluable asset in the hands of a draft wizard like Jeff Ireland. No need to give up picks and move up to try and get the best quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning. This team is two or three Koa Misis away from being a Super Bowl champion, when you really think about it!

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