Dolphins Lose Binns for Season, Looking Elsewhere for WR Help



The Dolphins lost WR Armon Binns for the season yesterday when Binns went down with a torn MCL and ACL. Binns had been a bit gimpy since Saturday but yesterday the kid finally went down for good, thus losing out on his bid to become the 4th WR on the active roster. Binns was slated to get some good playing time this season after having a somewhat promising 2012 campaign but it just goes to show you that that #19 jersey TROLLS ALL AND JUST AIN’T CARE. Tough break for the kid but now it’s ‘next man up’ as the Dolphins will rely on camp standout Marvin McNutt along with a couple of things called a ‘Rishard Matthews’ and a ‘Jeff Fuller’. The Dolphins will also bring in last year’s offseason prized WR-free-agent-cum-in-season-gelatinous-goo-brain, Laurent Robinson, for a workout. Hmph.

Worst of all for Binns is that he was clearly the front runner in our annual J.R. Tolver Award and this injury will eliminate him from that prestigious honor. I’m sure he’s more disappointed about that than anything else concerning this injury, really. Maybe he should seek some counsel with this guy.

There’s always next year!

Tonight is the team scrimmage ‘dress rehearsal’ at Sun Life at 7pm. I went to one of these in 2003 and, Jesus Christ, it was boring.

Programming note: The Dude (along with Rizz and Adam Smoot) were on a Page Q podcast recently talkin Dolphins. Bang it here.

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Laurent Robinson, bring your gimpy & concussed self on down! Fins are working him out today.

Also, the #19 jersey should be burned in effigy and banned forever.

Will check the podcast tonight.

Star of the day
WR Mc Nutt Sunday at Miami Dolphins Training Camp signing Home’s 4ft by 6ft team flag and orange cap

It feels like time is trapped in a tar pit as we slog towards the opening game on Sunday. Preseason is like the JR Tolver receiver for me every year, something I get all excited about, but in reality is a big meh, or just a mediocre meh, or not even meh worthy at all.

Still got a chubby.

Adam….. why stop at Yatil Green & Larry Shannon? Let’s go back to James Pruitt, Scott Miller, Randall Hill (traded), and others. Even Dan Marino couldn’t make their sorry asses any good.

Jeff Ireland is good at picking d linemen, but he sucks at picking wide receivers or picking them up in free agency. Ditto with offensive (oftensieve?) linemen.

2 days and counting until the teal and orange take the field.

Maybe the HOF game post was mistakenly placed on a San Diego Charger blog since our uni’s last night looked almost dead on like them.

JR Tolver? He wasn’t even the worst example. I move that we should rename the JR Tolver award the Annual Charles Jordan Award. He has all the over-hyped, unfulfilled expectations of JR Tolver with the scummy, gangland air of a Rae Carruth. Memories.

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