Stephen Ross Had A Press Conference

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and GM Jeff Ireland had an impromptu press conference with the local media today, and guessing from the media’s reaction to the announcement of it last week, we were supposed to get some definitive answers about what the fuck is going on in Davie.

“I want to be in the playoffs every year, I want to be in the hunt,” Ross said. “And you’re going to do that with consistency, you’re going to do that in the draft and you’re going to do that by being smart. And I think we’re building the nucleus of that right now.”

Also, Ross said players want to play for the Dolphins even though they failed to sign every guy they went after so far:

“This is probably the best place in the NFL to play football and it will never stop us from getting a player in this organization. Players will want to play for this organization.”

The Honeybadger also said some shit:

“We’re keeping our philosophy intact and that’s going after value in free agency and continuing to build through the draft,” Ireland said.

The Dolphins are building through the draft even while chasing Peyton Manning, and then Matt Flynn and then Alex Smith and then signing David Garrard who they apparently forgot was no longer employed with any NFL team. So, there you go.

Also, Stephen Ross said this:

“I think [Jeff Ireland has] done a great job with the draft, he’s a great talent evaluator, he is somebody who is as hard working as anybody as I’ve ever met,”

So to recap: Ross called this press conference to tell everyone he wants to be in the playoff hunt every year, they’ve got a good “nucleus,” players are dying to play for the Dolphins, and Jeff Ireland is a good talent evaluator. That’s it. That was the entire press conference. This presser was such a monumental exercise in horseshit and delusion I’m honestly surprised Ross didn’t call it to announce that he’s Batman.

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