Dolphins Uniforms Got Nike’d

Now we’ll be able to watch the Dolphins go 9-7 in their nifty new space age glow in the dark Nike unis!

Nike unveiled new uniforms today for all 32 teams. And while the NFL didn’t get the Oregon treatment, and no team has mirrors for helmets, they are a sleek modern take on traditional uniforms.

One of the more prominent changes are in the gloves. When you put them together, they make the team logo. Neat!

There also appears to be some kind of ass-pad built into the pants.

You can see a slide show of the new uniforms here.

And with new uniform changes comes new opportunities to throw away your hard earned cash on Dolphins swag. You can get yourself some new Nike Fins gear at the pro shop. My personal favorite is the Miami KNOWS t-shirts. Because the possibilities are endless. Like my own personal dickjokes Mad Libs!

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