FinsNation 2012 Fantasy Football Palooza (Updated)

Katebar ffl

It’s that time of year again! YES. Time to sign up and join our annual fantasy football league. The league champion gets nothing except the respect of his peers (FUCK YOU, IT’S FREE), although we’ll look the other way if the last two teams standing decide to place a wager on the title game.

But it’s fun, and that’s what we’re all about. That and tits. Tits are awesome.

Anyway, it’s a 10 team league, so first come-first serve. If we need to make a second or third league (which is usually the case), then we will.

The league is broken up into two divisions: The Kate Upton Division and Bar Rafaeli Division. Because TA is a fucking genius. Also, because Kate Upton and Bar Rafaeli are the most fantastic gifts ever bestowed upon mankind.

The draft is live and is set for Sunday, September 2nd at 6pm EST

Thanks again to our de facto league commish and star commenter Tom-Ass for once again putting this shit together.

Shoot an email over to TA at if you’re interested in joining up.

Good luck, shitheads.

*Update 2:* Both leagues are now full. YA FUCKED UP YOU WERE TOO LATE.

*Update:* League is full. But we’re up for forming another league for you late-arrivers. Hit TA up via the email above if you’re interested. 

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