FinsNation Thanks You!

We promise this will be the last ‘GingerJihad Banner’-related post. God forbid we’d be viewed as creating some complex self-promotional stunt featuring an airplane banner that doesn’t have our site mentioned anywhere on it whatsoever by a couple of OLD, USELESS, ANNOYING-AS-ALL-FUCK-THAT-I-DIDN’T-EVEN-THINK-THEY-WERE-FUNNY-WHEN-I-WOULD-HEAR-THEM-ON-MY-WAY-TO-HIGH-SCHOOL MORNING ZOO types.

As promised, here’s our ‘thank you’ to everyone that contributed. All told, everything went about as well as we could expect given the national publicity for the movement and the fact we got that crazy conspiracy theorist Dolphins fan on actual video down there. Also, special thanks to Kevin, Rizz, Hector. Tom Ass and everyone else on the inner Twitter circle I’m too lazy to mention. This was an awesome collective effort.

Please enjoy Vinbob’s excellent video above and apologies in advance for the weird, creepy vibe of the music and voicings (done by Kevin and myself). I guess we’re a little weird sometimes. Go figure.

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